I find that if I don’t write down my goals and aspirations, I won’t think of them as often because I am not being held responsible for them. So, what better way to stay on track to achieving my goals other than writing them down for literally anyone to see?

Short(er) term goals

  • Finish Excel training courses
  • Finish “How to win friends and influence people”
  • Pick up every shift I can at work
  • Don’t consume dairy
  • Have more patience


Long(er) term goals

  • Get over a 3.7 GPA last semester of college
  • Become a certified bartender
  • Get a job after graduation that I am excited for and not just settling
  • Purchase a DSLR camera


These are running lists and by no means is this the only goals I have for short and long term, just what I have at this moment.

2 thoughts on “Goals

    1. I always have good innettions when making my New Year’s resolutions. Usually one week later i have blown it. So I make resolutions that are very attainable. This year’s resolutions: One, don’t make my bed any more. Two, Eat more junk food. Three, watch more t.v. and last but not least, shop more. (just kidding.) Although those would be a lot easier, I don’t think I would see a lot of growth in 2012.I really want to focus on not so much making a resolution for 2012, but making a more permanent life style change that goes beyond one year. I definitely want to do my devotionals on a daily basis. I am asking any one of you that is consistent with their devotions to call me on it if you see me skipping out. I will not be offended. I definitely need to be more prayerful. I need to slow down and recognize what is important in my life and what isn’t. Actually, school is important to me since I home-school my girls. Truthfully, I am not having a good attitude about starting back up Monday. I get really tired and a little burned out with it. But I am praying for God to give me a good attitude about it and praying for some excitement towards it. I would appreciate your prayers when it comes to our home school. I never feel like I have enough time to do everything I need to do with home schooling, but I know that God has called me to do it so I need to focus on that and not be worried about every thing else. When it comes to my family I need to have more patience. It is difficult home schooling and having my mother in law living with us. She is a wonderful woman, but it gets more and more difficult as her disease progresses. I need a lot of prayer in this area.I am planning on staying committed to Sonshine Baptist Church. I love my church and all my Pastors and their wives. I believe the leadership at Sonshine has a real, sincere love for the Lord and I am honored to be a part of such a wonderful church. I love H2o and all the youth. I plan on staying 100% committed to our youth group. I pray we will grow and add more students this year that may not know the Lord. Lastly, I plan on continuing my goal of achieving black belt in TKD. This won’t happen by the end of 2012 but i will keep working hard at each belt level.Happy New Year to all of you, I love all of you very much.

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