30 days of gratitude [June]


Pretty self explanatory. Check back everyday to see the new additions.

June 1 – Grace, Taylor and Erica. My middle school best friends and my forever best friends. Every time I hang out with them I get reminded about how lucky I am to have found them and today was one of those days. A nice way to start off these 30 days.

June 2 – Cars. The ability to drive to visit loved ones that live further away easily.

June 3 – The fact that songs can remind you of a specific time in your life, both good and bad. For me today, a specific playlist that holds meaning to a previous and very unfavorable relationship can now show me how far I’ve come since.

June 4 – Living so close to the most amazing city.

June 5 – Rain.

June 6 – The ability to still act like a kid from time to time despite impending adulthood

June 7 – Forgiveness.

June 8 – Silly traditions with silly friends.

June 9 – Having a space all to yourself that provides endless comfort no matter what.

June 10 – The smell of the ocean. Smell can be such an incredibly comforting thing.

June 11 – Reconnecting with old friends.

June 12 – Coming home to a comfy bed after a long day.

June 13 – Good food, mom raising me as a food snob

June 14 – Seeing other people passionate about something

June 15 – Sunshine

June 16 – Roxy sleeping through the day and not barking at every leaf that passes by (sorry I had to)

June 17 – That there is people who read my blog despite how bad I am with keeping up with it from time to time.

June 18 – The ability to be the bigger person