December Intentions (12.6.16)

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November was a bit of a rough patch for me, I will address this in a future post: Alone vs. Lonely Part 2. December is a happy month, 6 days in and I am already feeling better than I was in November but I decided I need to amp this up. The following are things I intend to work on through the month:

– Journal more: I’m almost completely through a moleskin journal, which is a big deal. I love having a place where I can literally write anything and everything that goes through my head without being judged.
– Remember more details: There is something so extremely special about a person who remembers little details about you and follows up on them, it shows how much they care…I want to be that person. This intention came to me because the other day I was at the UPS store I always go to for work and I always see the same guy working. He always remembers me, which I love. The other day, I realized I didn’t even know his name so I asked and wrote it down in my notes for the future.
– Drink more tea: Coffee is expensive, keeping green tea with me at all times, is not. Tea is so beneficial and I want to attempt to have it twice (or more) a day.
– Put my phone away when with friends (unless it’s something seriously important): Self-explanatory. The other day at dinner my friends and I stacked our phones so that we wouldn’t look at them throughout dinner and it was significantly better. Try it out, seriously.
– Blog once a week: I’ve been bad and I do have an excuse but I know that you don’t care about it so I’ll just leave it at, I’m going to try.
– Small exercises everyday: Regardless of if its 20 squats or a 3 mile run, I need to move my body a bit more everyday.

Thanks for reading. At the end of the month, I will update on how I did.

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