Cheer up, buttercup.

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Not everyday is going to start off perfectly. Not every week is going to go exactly as planned. It’s too easy to let small things dictate your mood and get too caught up in your problems to realize that life is far too f****** short to be unhappy.

1. Go for a walk.
2. Listen to fun, happy, “i rock” music.
3. Spend the extra money and make that plain latte a ~*caramel*~ latte.
4. Talk on the phone to loved ones.
5. Play with a puppy.
6. Force yourself to smile.
7. Get out of your house.
8. Reach out to people you haven’t spoken with in a hot minute.
9. Put on a face mask.
10. Light a candle.
11. Smile at strangers on the street.
12. Tell strangers on the street to have a good day.
13. Look at cute pictures of puppies.
14. Or videos of otters.
15. Buy a cupcake.
16. Ask others how their day is going.
17. Watch the sunset.
18. Watch. Don’t take photos, don’t snapchat. Watch.
19. Have a conversation with your Uber driver.
20. Look at old memories with your loved ones.
21. Play a board game.
22. Curl up in a blanket.
23. Pour a glass of wine. Drink said glass o’wine. (Maybe two)
24. Watch others when they talk about things they love, honestly such a beautiful sight.
25. Drink water.
26. Delete his/her number.
27. Exercise.
28. Step on the crunchy leaf.
29. Think about how far you’ve come. You. Have. Come. Far.
30. Delete the song that uncovers bad memories.
31. Make comfort food.
32. Talk to people about what’s going on.
33. Dress in an outfit that makes you feel beautiful.
34. Explore.
35. Bake cookies.
36. Get some sunshine.
37. Go to a farmers market.
38. Put your phone down.
39. Look around you.
40. Realize that if you’re reading this, things could be much, much worse.

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