Makeup mistakes you are probably still making

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I’m all for the freedom of expression when it comes to makeup but sometimes there are better ways to go about doing simple everyday makeup application techniques. If you want your makeup to do the job it’s meant to do and look the best it can, you might want to tune in because these could be some mistakes you are making.

1. Applying powder when foundation or concealer is not yet dry
I didn’t realize I was making this mistake until about a month ago and that is why it’s number one on the list. I always thought, “it’s not matte so I’ll put powder over top and it will be set how I want it to”. Not sure why it took me so long to realize that putting powder on concealer that is not yet dry is only asking for it to crease. Since learning my lesson, I’ve begun applying my concealer, patting it in to the best of my ability and then going and doing the rest of my makeup, in that time, it should dry and you can go ahead and apply the powder.screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-6-15-40-pm

2. Applying lip gloss on the entirety of your lips
I’ve said this one before and I still stand by it just as much. Most people, when wearing lip gloss, apply it to the whole lip and end up getting excess product in the corners of their mouth, not cute. If you apply it to the center, you’re still going to get the shine look you want but the product isn’t going to gather in the corners.

3. Pumping your mascara before using it
I was a huge offender of this until a friend told me to stop. In my mind, if I pumped the wand a few times before using it, it would be less clumpy when in reality, just taking it out of the tube does the same – because mascara tubes have a stopper in them to prevent as many clumps as it can. When you pump the wand too many times, you are allowing more air into the tube and will dry out the mascara sooner. Pro tip – if your mascara dries out faster than expected, put a drop or two of eye drops in the tube, safe for your eye and give it a bit more life again.

4. Using expired products
Going along with drying products out, using expired products. Makeup expires ladies! Using old makeup, is only adding bacteria to your face and making your makeup look worse. For example, old mascara (one of the most common offenders) is going to appear clumpy on your lashes and could get bad bacteria into your eye. Pro tip – replace your mascara every 2-3 months after opening.

5. Matching foundation to your arm or to your face
Finding your perfect foundation shade match is HARD. It’s easy to assume that when you’re trying to find a foundation you match how it looks in the bottle to your face, because that’s where it is going, or to your arm because well, your arm is right there! You want to match foundation to… your neck! Since everyone wants their face to match their neck…you should not try to match the foundation to your face, it simply doesn’t make sense. Do not match it to your arm because bodies can and most likely are different tones than your face and since your arm is so far from your face, that also doesn’t make sense… so NECK.

6. Not listening to your face structure
I could turn this into a whole blog post in and of it’s own. With new trends emerging seemingly every day, it’s easy to think that if it looks good on that person that it must look good on you. If everyone loves it, so will I. Every single person has a different face shape and tone and just because something is trendy and looks good on someone else, does not mean it’s for you. (That could be really deep advice if I wasn’t talking about makeup).

7. Not cleaning your brushes
Am I saying that I am perfect at this? No, far from it but I do listen to my own advice when it comes to an important event or if I am going for a specific look. Aside from the cleanliness factor, using dirty brushes is going to prevent you from getting a clean look. Blending out your eye shadows with a dirty brush? Awesome, now you have every other color you’ve used mixed in with the look. Forget that purple smokey eye because you now have a brown smokey eye.

8. Not sucking your thumb (after applying lipstick)
I know this sounds weird but it is one of my Holy Grail tricks. NO ONE wants lipstick on their teeth, I don’t care how hipster you are. I really tried to insert a boomerang of me doing this because it is weird to explain but wordpress was not allowing me. It’s exactly how it sounds though so just try it.s Any product that comes off on your finger, is lipstick that would have gotten on your teeth. Guess who has never had lipstick on her teeth, thissssss girl.

9. Storing your makeup in the bathroom
If you have to, you have to but it really isn’t good for your expensive makeup and expensive brushes. The heat and humidity is asking for mold and bacteria. Also if you have nice makeup brushes, the heat and humidity can break down the glue holding the brush together.

10. Choosing an under eye concealer that is too light
We all want our under eyes to be bright so that we look awake and ready to go but it is easy to get carried away and choose a concealer that is too light. The goal is always to look naturally awake but if you choose too light, you’re going to get flashback as well as look slightly crazy. Pro tip – choose a concealer that is 2 shades lighter than the foundation you’re using and set it with a banana powder.

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