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How to: look hotter in photos

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I’m not here to judge why you clicked on this post. Either you genuinely want to look hotter in photos or your confused as to why I would post something like this. Regardless, keep reading.

In the day of social media, we cannot escape scrolling on our phones and landing upon someone with the absolute “perfect body”, “perfect hair” or “perfect skin”. Too many people today automatically think of this as “goals” and become envious of others apparent “perfect lives”. Those pictures they post, it must be exactly how they look in real life and that’s how their lives are every day, right? Wrong. Now, I am not saying that some people aren’t as beautiful as they are in their pictures but social media is a highlight reel and people need to realize how easy it is to manipulate social media in order to get one thing…more likes.

It’s 2016. We have apps galore for just about everything you can imagine. Seriously, everything you can imagine. One kind of app that has gotten quite popular are photo editing apps. While there are many different options, an app I would like to focus on is FaceTune; a photo editing app… on steroids. I have this app because someone told me about how you can use it to make white backgrounds whiter which was an aesthetic I was going for on my blog for a bit. It does have some cool features such as blurring backgrounds out and making important parts of the picture slightly more detailed but there is one option that is insanely destructive to people, especially our generation and that is the reshape feature. This option is a user-friendly version of Photoshop on your hand held device. To prove this, I decided to take some time and “Reshape” myself. Take a look:




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Final verdict:

It’s great.
And by it’s great, I mean it honestly works really well and it’s super easy to use…
which is what makes it absolutely terrible. Here, I was able to change the shape of my body in a matter of minutes. Yes, minutes…THIS TOOK ME NO TIME AT ALL. Make something convenient and essentially equate to more likes on Instagram and forget about it, it will take off like a wild fire. This shows myself and you reading this that it is so god damn simple to make yourself look good on social media. The worst part, that people actually do this and that we fall for it. I have shown you how simple it is to instantly “fix” your least favorite parts of yourself. While editing my pictures for the purpose of this post, I realized what may be the worst part about the whole thing is the button that allows you to see the changes you’ve made. I found myself going back and fourth between the edit and the original and slowly and surely disliking the original, the one that that absolutely no problem with prior to this… AND THIS IS COMING FROM THE PERSON WRITING THIS POST. I can understand how people get sucked into this and it’s so sad. Within seconds I was significantly more self-conscious and this is coming from someone who is pretty damn comfortable in the skin she is in. Imagine the effect this has on younger girls or girls who are not as confident as they should be.
I am not trying to say that this app is solely responsible; I am just trying to prove how simple it is with technology to make everything look perfect. Take everything with a grain of salt. If you’re going to be envious of some Instagram models body, use that as motivation to get healthier, not to make yourself even more self-conscious.

You’re beautiful as you are.

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