The real reason I love makeup

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For those of you who don’t know, I have quite a passion for the cosmetics industry. Ever since my godmother (Hi Lynda) started bringing us makeup from the company she worked for when I was younger, I was hooked. It was funny because with my sister being older, most of these products were intended for her, which was understandable. I became, in a way, envious and so the products that I was given, I really treasured. Similar to a lot of girls growing up, wearing makeup to me, was very symbolic of being grown up and we all wanted to be grown up like our older siblings or friends.

If you remember my Confidence Journey post, then you would know that junior year of high school was really tough for me. Point blank, I didn’t like myself. In this time, I began using makeup for all the wrong reasons, I’ll be the first to admit it…I wanted to change how my face looked because I wasn’t happy with what I was given. After far too long of doing this, I then began watching YouTube videos about how to apply makeup and discovered how fun it is to actually learn how to do my makeup. It didn’t happen overnight but in time, I learned how to properly apply it and also discovered that I never needed to hide my face, instead I learned to use makeup to accentuate the features I have.

I found that in my lowest point, I was able to use makeup to make myself just feel ever so slightly better about myself, which is the complete opposite of what I used to do. I was able to pull myself together so that regardless of how I felt internally, I could feel a bit happier externally. Maybe to some that sounds sad but I am honestly grateful for it because it was all baby steps and resulted in me gradually gaining self-confidence. If putting on some makeup made me feel a bit more confident, I would take it because I needed all the help I could get in that department. Looking back, as much as I had grown, I was still in a very unhealthy mindset… I still was very insecure in my own skin, I was getting better but Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was I.

As I grew up, physically and mentally, I found different reasons to love makeup but still found the same comfort in using it to my advantage when I needed a little boost to feel better. I found out how fun it is to experiment with new products or to learn new techniques and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that, man it’s wonderful the have the ability to cover up my hereditary dark circles or the mountain of a zit that appears on your face the day of a presentation.

Now I am and have been for quite some time, at the point where I can easily feel great without makeup on but since I whole-heartedly enjoy applying it, I do still apply it on a majority of the days. I take no shame in that but I have learned to love what I have been given. That being said, sometimes I still look at myself and think “YIKES” but I think we all do that no matter how much we love ourselves.

The comments about girls being fake or “take a girl swimming on the first date” really don’t bother me. If someone is naive enough to think that they have ANY say in what a girl decides to put on her face or that a girl applying makeup dictates her personality, I don’t want to be friends with or date them anyways.

I want to work in the beauty industry because I want to spread the message that took me years to understand. I want girls to love themselves no matter what but use makeup to empower. I want to reverse the negative stigma that the cosmetics industry gets. Our world is already filled with so much negativity, if I can work in the industry I absolutely love while also making a positive change; I will consider myself truly successful.


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