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How to: make your lipstick last longer!!!!!

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There is something so great about how lipstick can pull a look together but there is also something so terrible about how lipstick can wear off so easily, especially with a statement color. I’ve tried several different techniques of applying lipstick to make it last through drinking and eating but nothing seemed to work all that well. Finally, I combined some techniques I’ve read about online and found my holy grail lipstick application process. This method is what I’ve found works best for a matte look that will last you significantly longer than just simply applying a normal lipstick. While this technique does take longer than preferred, it is perfect for when you have a bit of extra time to do your makeup and don’t want to have to worry about it wearing off.

  1. Exfoliate – Everything starts with a good base. So that the lipstick applies smoothly, it is important that you rid your lips of dry skin because a matte lipstick is going to cling to those parts.
  2. Line – Use a lip liner pencil to draw a line (or over-line if you’re into that) around the outer edge of your lips. Lining your lips is going to hold the lipstick within the lip line and prevent “feathering” (when the lipstick spreads beyond lips)
  3. Fill – If you have ever lined your lips, you’ve probably noticed that once your lipstick wears off, you are left with the lip liner on your lips. Since lip liner stays on your lips longer, use the liner to fill in the rest of your lips. This is going to act as a “Plan B” for when the lipstick does eventually wear off.
  4. Apply – Now is the easy part, apply the lipstick however you like.
  5. Blot – Use a tissue and “squeeze” (HELP I really couldn’t think of a better word) your lips around it. You will see some of the color come off (this is the product that would come off if you went to kiss someones cheek). Keep doing that until no color comes off. This is going to leave only the bottom layer of color, the part that is actually clinging to your lips.
  6. Powder – Translucent powder is usually used to set cream face products and allow them to last longer, so why not use it to make you cream lip product last longer? You can use a brush if you’d like but I find using my finger works just fine. Apply enough to cover the lips but not too much that you can barely see the color.
  7. Dab – Re-apply the lipstick by gently dabbing the lips with the color. You are just doing this to get the lips back to the original lipstick color so it doesn’t look like you just applied powder.
  8. Blot, again – once more, blot your lips until no more (or barely any) color comes off on the tissue. And just like that, you’re finished. If you think you need to, you can go around the edge of your lips with some concealer and a precision brush to clean up the lines.

Want some proof that this works? I applied a statement lip color and went throughout my day to see how long the color would actually stay. I ate and drank normal and this is how it went! I find that on average, I usually have to reapply lipstick after every meal and/or every 2 hours give or take when just applying lipstick normally. If some of the pictures look like the lipstick changed color shade it’s solely because I was using natural lighting.


edit lips 1edit lips 2edit lips 3edit lips 5 againcup editedit lips 6edit lips 7salad editedit lips 8So, I took the red lipstick off after six and a half hours of wearing it. Six and a half hours, that’s pretty good. I had a feeling that the oil in the salad dressing would cause some problems but I wanted the salad so I wasn’t about to eat food based on my lipstick. That being said, if you eat something less oily, your lipstick will probably stay even longer.

Disclaimer: not all lipsticks are going to work the same way, some lipsticks just stay longer and better than others. ALSO, not everyone is going to get the the same results and you may know a better way to do this, so if you do let me know! I’d love to learn more ways:)

Hope you enjoyed and that you give it a try yourself!

Until next time, Screen-Shot-2014-06-14-at-11.20.59-PM3


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