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To my forever best friends,

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Where do I even begin?

You’ve seen me through all the stages that I wish no one did (my tom-boy stage was truly atrocious). You cheered for me when I succeeded and were there for me with junk food when I failed.  You were there for me as I obsessed over guys who were far too wrong for me and pushed me through heartbreak when I needed you the most. You understand when I’m distant but welcome me back with love when I return. You know everything about me, good or bad, and don’t love me one bit less. You’ve taught me things I never thought I’d need to know and told me things I never wanted to know. You taught me what it feels like to care more about other people than I do about myself. You taught me what the truest of friendships feel like.

Our friendship is more than sleepovers and sharing secrets (even though it’s obviously that too). Our friendship is me complaining about something and you telling me I’m an idiot. Our friendship is loving the group chat while also despising the group chat because wow can girls talk! It’s sharing far too many pudding cups and carrots with ranch while cuddling in bed. Our friendship is going on vacation to places where there is only elderly retirees and still having the time of our lives. Our friendship is ugly snapchats, burning fingers on Swedish fish, Casa Blanca, Sonic trips and putting cat food on cars (lol). It’s not talking for a week or more and being just as close if not closer when we reunite. Our friendship is sharing far too much information and walking down the streets of a foreign country pretending we’re dating to keep creepy men away. It’s being able to sit and do nothing and have fun no matter what. Friendship is feeling your friend’s emotions like they’re your own. Friendship is being each other’s biggest fans no matter what the choice. Friendship is you three.carrie-bradshaw-quotes-3

You’ve been a constant in an ever-changing world. You three are the epitome of how best friends should be; perfect, but totally not perfect at all because let’s be real. You not only taught me how I deserve to be treated but also how I should treat others.

I guess I’m writing this post because I don’t think we say it quite enough.

So, to my forever best friends, I love you no matter the circumstance or choices made. I will always be rooting for each of you the entire way. I will always value your opinions even if I think your wrong. I will always have your back even when you feel the most alone, even when you’re at your lowest of lows. We’re stuck together. I am so proud of the people you have become. You are three of the most beautiful, smart, hard working, funny, compassionate, honest and lovable people I have the pleasure to know. You three deserve the world and I can’t wait to see what life brings for you guys.

Some people aren’t so lucky. I am extremely fortunate to have you all and I am more than aware of that. I didn’t know that the day I met you guys it’d be beginning the journey of one of the most important relationships I will ever be in.

The only question I have in this friendship is…

Who actually put the cell phone under the toilet?!



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