04.07.16 – Taste of UMass

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Every year, UMass holds a food showcase called ‘Taste of UMass’ where all the dining commons serve food and other companies come to give out samples to promote their products. The event happens in the Mullins Center on campus and it gets hectic. Yesterday, me and Kelsey and two of her sorority sisters went and shoved our faces and backpacks with food. I decided to take pictures of everything I ate because who doesn’t love pictures of food? 1460069275044

Lobster and shrimp mac ‘n cheese – I could have ate like 10 more of these, so yummy


Pita chips and spinach artichoke dip


Not food, obviously but there was Patriots cheerleaders performing!


BBQ chicken taco – good but could have given us more options to put in it


Strawberry and chocolate crepe! They gave us a spoon to eat this with, which was strange.


Tomato basil soup in a miniature bread bowl – tied for my favorite with the mac ‘n cheese. Unbelievable good. 


“The Lazy Caprese” – I LOVE caprese but this was a disappointment


Shrimp cocktail – just one, really?


Then there was a chocolate fountain! They had strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels and rice crispy treats to dip in but I’m a chocolate strawberry gal so I stuck with the basics.


This picture is ugly but this was the contents of my backpack leaving the event. SO many snacks were given away so I was a happy camper. Some guy at the Sweet baby rays table just randomly stuck that entire bottle in my backpack when I was going to close it, it was really funny.


There was obviously tons of other options of food to try but these are the ones I picked (and remembered to take a picture of).

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