Peace Pagoda 03.08.16

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Yesterday I wasn’t having the best day ever and I decided I needed to have some alone time. Lately, I have felt like I haven’t had my fair share of time to myself so I decided to go for a drive and quickly realized where I wanted to drive to, the New England Peace Pagoda in Leverett, MA. I’ve heard of it many times and have always wanted to go so I figured there was no time like the present.

What is a Peace Pagoda? 

  • “a Buddhist stupa; a monument to inspire peace, designed to provide a focus for people of all races and creeds, and to help unite them in their search for world peace.”

This particular peace pagoda in western Massachusetts was actually the first one build in the United States in 1985. So cool!

I drove a short 15 minutes and was kind of in the middle of nowhere. To add to that, at first I couldn’t even find it and got really frustrated. I was driving around this stupid parking lot and all I could find was this meditation house, which actually intrigued me but it wasn’t open anyways. I was going to leave but then I finally found the parking lot for it.

To get there you have to walk through this path in the woods and I honestly felt a little weird being by myself especially because it was so quiet. I finally made it to the Peace Pagoda and was not let down. It was huge and unbelievably beautiful. I turned around to see there were two other people my age running around and being noisy, they were nice but I was happy when they finally left and I was able to take it all in by myself. The peace pagoda itself is spectacular and I walked around it like 5 times just looking at how beautiful everything was.



I think my favorite part was off to the side there was a small pond with benches and tons of prayer flags everywhere. There was even a peace tree. I walked around for a bit and took pictures but then my phone died and I sat in silence and took everything in and it was honestly so perfect and just what I needed.


Then some older people came and my peace was disrupted so I decided to leave but I have no doubt I’ll go back soon enough. I was planning on driving back to my apartment but as I put my blinker on to turn into my complex I realized I wasn’t ready yet so I switched off my blinker, waved apologetically to the car behind me and sped off towards our downtown area. I found an empty parking lot that looked over some fields and parked my car there and sat in silence for a while. At this point I was the definition of content. I was no longer upset about my day, I was just ready to move on. After a while I went and got Panera to treat myself.

Overall, I had a wonderful day to myself. It’s crazy how what you do can impact your mood for the day so much. I was not happy before and I ended up in a great mood.


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