Just some thoughts #7

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I don’t exactly know what I want to write about in this but I just know I wanted to. I want to write. Writing has become extremely therapeutic to me whether it’s in my personal journal or on my blog. I also think because of how much writing I’ve been doing, I’ve gotten better at writing, which is in no way a bad thing. Speaking of writing, we had a Her Campus meeting last night and I got the ‘Most Creative’ superlative for my “I ate a Vegan Diet for a week and here’s how it went” article! I was so happy and honestly surprised! Not that it’s all about the views or about the rewards you get from something, but it definitely is nice to get noticed for something you work really hard on. SPEAKING OF working hard on something, today is my last day of my experimental article for HER CAMPUS NATIONALS. Eeek, I’m so excited to write an article that will go on the main Her Campus page.

Enough about writing.

Wow, the song I’m listening to write now makes me super sad, changing it.


Changed again, because the song that came on was annoying.

This song will have to do.

Listening to country more lately because the weather is getting nicer and it makes me in a good mood. Country and sunshine reminds me way too much of summer, I love it. Yesterday we brought my friends dog on a walk to our other friends house and sat outside and they were playing country and I was wearing shorts and wow it just felt great. The rest of spring semester is going to be ahhhhhmazing, I can’t wait.

Last semester, wow… that’s weird. I’m so ready to make the semester one for the books. Not letting any negative people bring me down this semester, I let people do that too much. I have amazing friends and amazing opportunities and why should I let other people ruin my last months of college. I refuse. All positivity from here on out.

OH GOOD SONG. “Sunshine & Whiskey” by Frankie Ballard. Go listen if you never have.

So, I leave for spring break MONDAY! When I was planning this trip, I was so stressed and it felt like it would never get here so now that it’s actually here, it’s kind of surreal. My last college spring break and I could not be more excited. Lately, I have this annoying desire to just book a trip by myself and explore somewhere I’ve never been before, solo. The idea of going on a trip by myself sounds perfect. Not that I don’t love going to new places with loved ones but I think it would be so cool to do a solo trip like once a year as I grow up. Or every other year or something like that. I just have no doubt that as I grow up, I am going to make traveling a huge priority of mine. I don’t want to just give up on something I’ve started to love so much.

Although, first I want to book a big trip with Grace, Taylor and Erica. I said we should go to Thailand because how cool would that be. They are the best travel buddies ever. You can love people and they can be your best friends ever but traveling with people is a completely different story. I have no problem what so ever with them, we all just work so perfectly together. It’s wonderful. So lucky to have them in my life. If you’re reading this, hi guys!

Alright, gotta go to my public speaking class now.

Until next time, Screen-Shot-2014-06-14-at-11.20.59-PM3


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