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Let’s be real…when I’m not feeling well, the last thing I want to do is go put on a full face of makeup but sometimes you just have to pull yourself together whether it’s for a presentation, work or just because you don’t want to look like death.

This morning a woke up feeling terrible but since I had to go to work and sit through a 3 hour class after, I wanted to make myself up a little because there is absolutely nothing worse than feeling like s*** and then people saying “Are you okay?” or “You look tired…” etc etc.

So, if you find that you cannot be bothered to spend time putting on a full face but still want to look presentable, these beauty must-haves are going to be your best friend….

  1. Concealer – Skip the foundation today and just use concealer to cover up and brighten your under eyes. Apply a concealer that is lighter than your natural skin tone in a triangle under your eyes to draw light to your eyes. Always make sure to set your concealer once blended in with a translucent powder to avoid creasing. The concealer I’ve been loving is the Maybelline Master Conceal!
  2. Bronzer and blush – People can tell when others aren’t feeling well because being sick appears to drain your face of color due to a decrease in blood flow. Add some warmth back to your face by applying bronzer with a fluffy brush along the outsides of your face in a 3E motion (temples, under cheek bone and jawline). After, apply a generous amount of a natural blush to bring the flush back to your cheeks. The bronzer I use is the Too Faced Cocoa Contour palette and the blush I absolutely adore is the Nars Orgasm Blush!
  3. Inner corner highlight – a step that is often looked past but actually is a game changer. Applying either a light matte color or a light shimmery color to the inner tear duct is going to make you appear like you got significantly more sleep than you probably did. An eyeshadow that I find works very well is Urban Decay’s ‘Thirteen’. Also try out a cream eyeshadow to make it stay longer!
  4. Waterline – Applying a white or a nude colored eyeliner to the inner bottom waterline is going to make your eyes appear wider and make you look like once again, you’ve gotten a lot of sleep. I have yet to find an amazing nude eyeliner, if/when I do I will let you all know!
  5. Curling your lashes – I know a lot of people who cannot be bothered to curl their lashes but I can promise you that if you are feeling like absolute crap and you just take a couple seconds to curl your lashes before applying mascara, it’s going to make a huge difference. Curling your lashes from the root to the ends is going to lift the lashes and open up your eyes more. Blog post coming soon on mascara!
  6. Exfoliate lips – Maybe it’s just me but when I am not feeling well, my lips get very gross feeling…I’m not quite sure how to explain it but either way exfoliating them not only feels really nice in the morning but it removes the dead skin and will give your lips a nice and natural color to them.

And just like that, you’re done! I did this exact routine this morning and it took me approximately 5 minutes to do. Spending a bit of time to pull yourself together when you’re sick is going to improve the rest of your day by waking you up and making you feel a bit more confident when you’re obviously not your best.

Do you have any other tips for getting done up when you just want to lay down? Leave them in the comments below!

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