Just some thoughts #5

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Yesterday it was 55 degrees, today we were covered in snow. New England is a weird place.

I cannot tell you how happy waking up to snow made me. I’ve always loved winter and getting a lot of snow because I love how cozy you feel, this morning was no exception to that. My bed is right along the window so I woke up looking out into snow falling and the sun shining and it honestly began my day so wonderfully. It’s kind of crazy because when I am at home I cannot even get myself to wake up before 10 AM but I’ve noticed lately at school I actually enjoy getting up significantly before my classes or work. I think I like it because I can take my time getting ready and I can enjoy the morning in peace. I love my roommates all to death but there is something about being up in the morning alone that I LOVE. I have discovered more and more lately that I need my alone time so badly. I love hanging out with people but I think having a little time to myself each day is so important to me.

OHHHH my goodness, okay so last night Hayley and I decided to top off the night by going to McMurphs for a bit and we were sitting at the bar and I could see this guy just watching us and laughing from time to time so I said something to Hayley about it. Later, when we were leaving he comes running up to us and is like, this is weird but I was just watching you guys and your dance moves are amazing (to hayley) and your makeup is on fleek (to I) and it was so cute and just made both of us so happy. It was just funny because we thought he was being rude at first but in reality, he wasn’t! Just thought it was a cute story.

Also, last night I decided to go into a bar completely alone for the first time because all my friends were going to a club that I don’t really love. There were some people there that I knew but not as much as I was expecting and I felt a little awkward but not AS awkward as you’d think. Some (older) guy kept yelling Bellissimo! in my ear and the Italian snob in me couldn’t help but laugh at 1. his fake Italian accent, 2. that he was clearly as Irish as could be and 3. that he was trying way to hard and making absolutely no progress. I wish I spit back something in Italian like “Vaffanculo!” (google if you don’t know what that means) but I wasn’t thinking on my feet apparently. Also, some other guy who I met like once sophomore year waved (hopefully) to me like we were long lost best friends and it was weird and I just went up and talked to him and told him about my entire night because I wanted to talk to someone and NOW I’m thinking wow how embarrassing would that be if he WASN’T waving to me. Oh my goodness…. no. Please nooo.

I went to Yoga for the first time the other day and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I kind of knew I would because I love stretching so much but yeah it was cool. The version we did wasn’t too hard though and I kind of wished I got more of a sweat out of it but it definitely did feel good. Although, at the end she shut off the lights to meditate and I think this was my favorite part. The room has a full wall of windows and our class was in the evening time so it was nice and dark and we just laid there to focus on our breathing and it was absolutely wonderful. I wasn’t thinking about anything specific, just focusing on my breathing and I could have laid there for another hour. I wish we did the entire yoga class with the lights off. I want to try going to Yoga more often because I think I could really get into it. We shall see.

I’m going to sign off now, I have no more thoughts to get out… well I do… but not for the internet.



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