To my college best friend,

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I was skeptical. It happens all the time, you meet someone and you’re friends with them for a bit but eventually it dies out. We never died out and honestly; I don’t think we ever will.

In just a single semester we became closer than I ever could have imagined. Now, five semesters later…here we are. Living together and not even my messiness and your cleanliness can tear us apart.


But let’s be real…

Sometimes I want to scream at you.

Sometimes I want to not talk to you for an entire week because you annoy me that much.


But sometimes I also want to just hug you because of how lucky I am to have met you.

And sometimes I write a blog post about how much you mean to me.


With you, I always have fun. We could be staying in watching American Horror story, sitting on my bed talking for hours or going to the seemingly empty bars in our ‘couple’ Halloween costume—no matter what, it’s never a bad time. We kill it. Constantly.

College is a weird time; full of extreme highs and lows. Thank you for seeing me through it all. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have gotten through some situations as easily if it weren’t for your (sometimes brutally) tough love. We’re opposites and that works in our favor. You balance me out and make me realize that I’m not always right and sometimes I do need to change my ways.

You deal with every version of me—

  • the me that is boy-crazy
  • the me that swears off boys
  • the me that doesn’t feel like talking
  • the me that wants you to talk to me every second of the day
  • the me that wakes you up to cuddle in your bed
  • the me that was jealous when you made new friends
  • the me that always thinks I’m right
  • the me that feels like I can’t do anything right

To say you’re the real MVP is an understatement.

You’re my therapist, my “significant other”, my wing woman, my biggest fan, my mom when I need it, my roommate and my best friend. You’re everything.

So, why am I writing this? I’m writing this to say Thank You. Our friendship isn’t perfect because we aren’t perfect but our relationship would be pretty boring if it was. Thank you for being a constant in a life that is ever changing. It’s amazing to know regardless of our post-college paths I will always have you.

Alright, enough of this cheesiness (pizza reference).

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 3.05.55 PM

Until next time,Screen-Shot-2014-06-14-at-11.20.59-PM3

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