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Get out of a funk before it starts

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Today, I woke up feeling not myself. I don’t know what it was but I just felt off, I wasn’t overly happy with myself. Then it occurred to me, I just woke up… I have the power to completely change how my day is going to be by just simply changing my mindset.

I am writing the beginning of this post in bed…haven’t even stood up yet and definitely not out of my funk yet. So I decided to record my process as my day goes on so maybe if you are reading this and ever have days where you just feel ‘off’ then you can read this and try it out or just get inspiration.

11:16 am (yes, I woke up super late)- Sitting here thinking about what action is going to start off my day on the right note… and I think that is eating breakfast because I am super hungry and my mom brought me home a muffin yesterday. I also just looked and saw that one of my favorite YouTuber’s posted a video so I think I’ll make my breakfast and then sit down and watch that while I eat.


This is what I ate for breakfast and it was yuuummmmyy. Could I have eaten something lighter and healthier? Probably but I was excited for this muffin so I ate it. Simple as that. For now, I am going to sit here for a bit and do some work on my computer for my blog, my class schedule and a small job search. In the mean time, I am also going to drink another glass of water because drink your water kids.

1:38 PM – So, I am still sitting on my computer but I have actually been productive and not just one big flop. I’m also feeling a bit more like myself. I’m listening to some new music, getting things done and texting my best friends so I feel okay now. I’m going to go get my planner and see what else I wrote down that I need to get done today. Be right back.

What my planner says to do:

  • Go to the gym (2 mile warm up, arms)
  • Blog post (workin’ on it! heheh)
  • Write Her Campus article
  • Return (overdue) textbook
  • Fix class schedule

I’ll keep you updated on my progress

2:13 PM – Update: haven’t done anything.

9:15 PM – So, it’s been a hot minute since I last updated. I ended up going to the gym and running 2.5 miles for a warm up and then a lot of arms and I am super tired from that but it felt really good. I came home and was plannnning on making myself a healthy dinner because I felt so good from the gym but I walk in to see a Panera sandwich with chips for me on the counter and I couldn’t pass that up. I was feeling good so I then decided to listen to G-Eazy and do some art and it really relaxed me.

I would say I pretty successfully kicked myself out of my funk. I got things done, worked out hard, did some things I like and just overall feel really good and at peace now. It’s funny how just a change in mindset can change your day.

Until next time,Screen-Shot-2014-06-14-at-11.20.59-PM3

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