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So, it’s 1 am. I’ve been trying to fall asleep since 11 PM, but I’m so used to it at this point. See, I am a crazy over-thinker and also tend to day dream—well I guess in this case it’s a night dream…. but not while I’m asleep. I like think of scenarios in my head AND I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE. But most of the time these scenarios are me doing great things and I end up getting myself excited even though I am just thinking this all in my head. It’s crazy, but that’s why I can never sleep. Especially lately, I am in this terrible sleeping cycle that I don’t fall asleep until like 3 AM most nights and then don’t wake up until 11 AM or later. It sucks and I hate myself for it but MAN is it a hard cycle to break.

Speaking of sleep, I saw a Huffington Post article about this new Rug Alarm Clock called a Ruggie that literally looks like a miracle worker. You have to stand on it for a few seconds to shut it off and then it gives you some motivational quotes to start your day. I’m sure it would get annoying as hell after using it for a while, but I feel like that’s the point. Like can you imagine if you had something really important to go to the next morning and you’re nervous that you’re not going to wake up in time? JUST PUT THE RUG ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM. LIKE HOW GENIUS IS THAT. This rug literally does not stop bothering you until you stand on it. I need it. I need to stand on you Ruggie. Here’s the kickstarter page for it if you want to go help them out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/961424878/ruggietm-the-worlds-best-alarm-clock (And NO, not sponsored… just saw it online and thought it was sick. Although if they want to sponsor me… I definitely wouldn’t argue 🙂 heheheh)

Also, maybe I can’t sleep because I’m excited for tomorrow? I don’t know. My day tomorrow isn’t anything crazy but I think it will be a lovely day. I am going grocery shopping with my mom in the morning, which I actually am excited about for a couple reasons. 1. Because I actually just really like grocery shopping and 2 because I am not eating diary right now to try to combat some stomach issues and we have SO MUCH diary in my house so I want to go get some stuff I can eat as snacks. After that I am going to see a movie (not sure which one yet) with Erin so that will be nice because I haven’t hung out with her in a hot minute and then at night Emily and I are going into Boston for the night and staying at our friends and I just love going into Boston. I spend too much money when I go but THIS IS THE TIME TO DO IT, RIGHT? Wrong Brooke, you’re broke. Still going to do it though. I’m kinda hoping with go to this bar I went to last weekend because I LOVED it, seriously had so much fun but at the same time I haven’t been to a whole lot of bars in Boston yet so I’d really be open to anything. OH, and then Saturday we are having our annual Bishcurrpimm party. Bishcurrpimms is the Bischoffs, Currans and the Pimms by the way. We’re having it at our house this year so that will be fun because they always are.

Tomorrow I also really want to go to the gym at some point but I feel like I may not have time for that, I guess we shall see though. Getting back to the gym has felt so good lately although, I have to say I do miss the summer heat when working out. This summer every time I went to the gym or the track I would come back drenched in sweat. I know that’s really not cute and you’re probably like, why would you miss that, but it was super satisfying. I always felt SO accomplished leaving the gym. Or when I would do a track work out…. BOY, I got gross. I just liked it because I felt like I was sweating out anything bad. I don’t know. That’s not saying I don’t sweat at the gym now, I do… just a lot less. HAHAH just incase you were wondering about my sweating, there ya go.

Alright, I’m getting tired from looking at my screen now so I’m going to go to bed and either just post this in the morning when I wake up or write some more and then post it. You’ll know in a second……

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