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‘Just some thoughts’ series

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Hey there. So, lately i’ve realized how much I enjoy just sitting down and writing and not worrying if my sentences are grammatically correct or anything like that. I just really enjoy typing and typing and just getting my thoughts down so I am going to try to make this sort of a series in a way. Really the only reason I am saying it is going to be a series is to have a way to connect them. I want to do one of these a week to give myself some piece of mind in a way. So, who knows where these are going to go, they could range from me describing a cute boy I saw or me trying to figure out the meaning of life. I don’t know and I don’t care. So, welcome to my brain….

I’m sitting in Blue Wall at school right now and I just got a cobb salad and it was SO good but it was fricken gigantic, like wow. I’m surprised I couldn’t finish it because this is the first thing I’ve eaten today (it’s 2pm) because last night me and my friend Jackie ordered a large pizza from dominos because it’s supposed to be HALF OFF but then it got to us and it wasn’t. PISSED. I’m going to call and inquire about that because lol broke. Jackie and I ate the ENTIRE PIZZA. I woke up still full.

Looking at something quite interesting right now…. to my right there is an older man, probably around 40, on his phone and he has been for probably 10 minutes now, just scrolling scrolling away. To my left there is kid about my age reading a book. Not a textbook, like an actual book. Interesting.

But anywho, this week is going to probably kill me. Not kidding. Well, yeah kidding. I’ll still be alive, HOPEFULLY. Life is just hectic hectic hectic right now but in the midst of it all, I am really grateful for the things making me stressed out. Because the thing that is making me stressed out is school and I’ve been thinking lately about how great the classes I get to take are despite my dis-interest in the subjects or the field, they are EXCELLENT classes. You really get great experience being an HTM major and it makes me wish I liked hospitality because I’d be golden. ¬†Finance sucks though, not grateful for that. LOL. I’ve discovered lately a sad realization. I think I am slowly starting to get over college. BEFORE YOU GO CRAZY AND BE LIKE WHAT BROOKE STOP LOVE COLLEGE STAY THERE FOREVER…. let me explain. I LOVE college LOVE IT, and I am not by any means trying to rush the time I have here left, but I’m ready. I’m ready to start a new chapter in my life. College is the best 4 years of my life…right now. I’m going to make the 4 years after I graduate the best 4 years of my life too. Does that make sense? I was talking with the lady who has my DREAM job in San Fran today via email and we were going back and forth a little and talking to her made me so motivated and excited and then she said to me “I hope to meet you within the industry in the near future.” And it hit me, I’M SO EXCITED FOR MY¬†FUTURE. College is wonderful, but it’s a bubble. There is SO much waiting for us outside of the bubble. We have so many opportunities waiting for us and like how fun is that?!

Speaking of the future, I’ve been thinking a lot about New York City (because if you don’t know, I’m like 99% positive that I will be living there) and once again, excited is an understatement. People say New York is dirty and too big and blah blah blah but I don’t care about that. I could literally do something new EVERY SINGLE DAY. There is so much to do and once again, so many opportunities. Wow. I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it… but overwhelmed in the best way.

OH little update…. Tuesday I am not just stepping out of my comfort zone, I am taking a running leap out of my comfort zone. I hate HATE public speaking and just being under the spotlight and lets not even talk about when people ask you questions once your done, it is the absolute worst. BUT on Tuesday my Entrepreneurship professor is holding a “Shark Tank”-esque competition in class. Anyone can go up and pitch an idea for a business and he’s going to have a panel of other entrepreneurs there to judge and ask questions and if you win you get $500. GUESS WHOSE DOING IT, thisssss girl. Man, I already have butterflies but I am also super excited. I think my idea is really good and it doesn’t exist yet and it’s something I would love to exist. I’m not going to say what it is exactly because I need to figure out some more logistics to it but I will tell you it’s a website. EEEK. I could actually see myself making a business out of this. Idk maybe.

Wow how long have I been typing for? I love this. This is very nice and therapeutic. I love having a blog, it’s really cool.

OH, I’m trying to start vlogging. I don’t think my life is that interesting and other people may just fall asleep through it but I enjoy doing it, it weirdly makes me more aware of things I’m doing and makes me appreciate things. I don’t know how to explain it but like today I was walking past our school pond and normally I wouldn’t think much of it because I’ve seen it so many times. Today I was walking past and I was like I should vlog this, so I did and then I was looking at the pond and all the ducks and was just thinking about them and I don’t know, I just enjoyed the pond more and was like, that’s cool that UMass has a pond in the middle of campus. hahahhahah yeah. PONDS! lol so stay tuned I guess?

I’m not even going to read this over before I post it, yikes.

Just some thoughts.

Until next time,


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