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it’s me.

Is that joke old yet? Probably.

Right now I am sitting at my desk at work while one of the RD’s is playing christmas music and it makes me really happy… the christmas music, not the work. That’s a lie, I like my job. I’m an office assistant in the honors college at UMass and I love the people I work with so so much. Since I don’t have classes on Thursdays or Fridays (heheh), I work 6 hour shifts those days and I don’t even mind going in. This christmas music makes me want to deck everything out with christmas decorations… everywhere.

ahhahahah okay just got my co-worker to start cutting out snowflakes brb


So, it’s the next day, oops! I got really into making snowflakes for the office yesterday and I must say, they came out beautifully. I am a pro snowflake maker.

Any who, once again I am at work…sitting at a different desk this time though, not that you care. Maybe you do care, I don’t know your life.

I really want to go and get food because I have 15 YCMP’s left and I need to use them but I’m not crazy hungry right now so I probably shouldn’t, I’m also alone in the office right now so I really can’t leave to go get food at this moment anyways. I’m thinking I might just wait until my shift is over.


OH, I keep forgetting but I have an end of the semester party for Her Campus to attend and I am excited about it because I love Her Campus but I also feel sick and SUPER run down from this past week so I would really rather just lay in bed and do nothing but I know I have to go. It will be fun so I’ll probably end up getting more energy once I see everyone but right now, thinking about going and being social pains me hahhaah.

Luckily, I go home for winter break on Thursday. I’m done with finals on Tuesday but I am scheduled to work Wednesday and Thursday so I’ll have to stay, but whatever.. more spending money…to spend on gas, and utilities…. man being an adult is annoying. I want to be very productive over winter break. Here’s the things I want to do:

  • Work out 5 days a week
  • Cut out dairy, except for special occasions
  • Get my stomach pains figured out– WHAT AM I ALLERGIC TO?
  • Apply to 3 more jobs
  • Produce some thought provoking TBB posts–I want some more depth on my blog.

There is probably some more, but that’s what I want to accomplish at the moment. I actually should go and apply to 1 out of 3 of the jobs right now because it’s an easy application process and I’m basically done with it so I just need to submit it. I’ll do that once I am done writing this post. (editor’s note: applied!)


OH exciting stuff, I just bought my ticket for G-Eazy’s upcoming tour. He’s coming to Lowell instead of Boston and I am ecstatic because Lowell is the town over from my home town. I cannot wait. If you haven’t listened to his new album yet… go check it out. I’ll link it on spotify to make it even easier for ya. My favorite song on it at the moment is “Some type of drug”. It is so good but honestly that’s because the entire album is fiiiiiiireeeee. Gosh, I can’t wait to see him in concert again, I saw him 2 years ago at Paradise Rock Club in Boston and it was probably the best concert I’ve ever been to. This time, it is unfortunately at a larger venue so it’s going to be less intimate but oh well, I am so proud of him for how much success he’s had since I started to listen to him so I’m excited he is playing at a larger venue now. That being said, I got floor tickets and they are general admission so you better believe I will be getting there as soon as possible the day of because I want to be right up front. I seriously am tempted to get there the morning of. I just seriously love him hahah.

G-Eazy- When It’s Dark Out 


Now that I am talking about concerts. I kinda want to look into when my favorite band is going on tour. Hold on. Never mind they are only ever at festivals and not any near me, that’s unfortunately. I’ll link their music too… also, fire.

Dirty Heads


Can we talk about something that annoys me to no end? Professors who don’t respond to your emails. I’m not talking about professors who take some time to respond, I understand they are busy and also need to have a social life. I am talking about teachers who straight up IGNORE your emails. I have one professor this semester who just does not respond to like half of my emails. Especially when they are important aka regarding my presentation in class or an issue with the online quiz. You are a teacher and if I email you in the middle of the week during school hours that is completely irresponsible to just ignore it. If this just happened once I wouldn’t be complaining because sometimes you just forget but this professor has not responded to 6+ of my emails about her grading. This is your job, come on. Also, I have talked to MANY other people who have had her or do have her at the moment and everyone agrees and says the same thing that she never responds. I just find that very unprofessional and maybe complaining about this online would be considered unprofessional too but I’m not calling her out specifically and I am not denying she can be a good teacher at times but I just needed to get that off my chest because I find it kind of rude.


Ohhh, maybe instead of going to get food, I’ll go get a smoothie. I love smoothies, yeah totally doing that instead. In our rec center we have a smoothie bar and they have one called the “Oh Kale” and normally I don’t love green smoothies because they don’t actually taste good but this one does!

It’s now 3 days later hahahahah. I am seriously the worst, I just forgot to end off the post. I wanted to get a little deeper in this post because I have a lot of thoughts and opinions lately (lol) but I might just make another post about that.

Time for my hot date with du bois…. hahahhahaahhahaha omg okay I just thought that was super funny…. like a hot date with da boys but instead of boys I am talking about W.E.B…. I’m talking about my school library…study brooke. okay bye.


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