Cult Favorite: Nars ‘Orgasm’ Blush – Is it over rated?

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For any makeup lovers out there, you have to know about the Nars ‘Orgasm’ blush. Every YouTuber, blogger, makeup artist and their mothers have talked about it. I say that, because my mom has this blush and I used it so much that I decided to ask for it myself. People say this is the perfect blush for every one. That is a big claim. So, heres my personal review of what I think of the blush.



Nars always kills it with packaging, and their blushes are no exception to that. As you can see with the white, thin writing and the sleek matte black body it is really a nice looking product. This compact also gives a decently sized mirror. The only bad thing about Nars packaging is because it is matte black, the products do tend to get messy looking. If you have any bit of foundation or dirt on your hands, it’s going to rub off onto the packaging. That being said, if you are that neurotic about it, just take a makeup wipe to clean it off every once in a while and you’re fine. I personally don’t care that much unless I am photographing it.



First seeing the blush, it looks extremely glittery, which doesn’t exactly draw me in. If I had never heard anything about this blush, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up to be honest. Although, it is crucial to note that it doesn’t actually come off that glittery on your skin. The picture my come off a bit different but it is a light, warm, peachy pink with gold glitter throughout it. Light pinks are perfect for a natural blushed look and the gold in it gives you some glow.

Picture not mine: http://sharonthemakeupartist.com/nars-orgasm-blush-worth-hype/


Unlike other Nars and high end blushes where you barely have to touch the brush to the product to get a significant amount of color, this one you do. If you want to build this product up, you can but when you build it up, it adds more glitter rather than pink. I have to say, as someone who doesn’t like to have too much blush on, this is perfect because I don’t have to be too gentle and deal with accidentally putting a crazy amount on. For people who like a lot of blush, they may not be the ideal color for you to pick out but as always, go to your nearest Sephora or makeup counter and have them test it on you.


Final verdict:

Overall, I really like the blush for myself. It is a perfect everyday blush for me because its not too pigmented but it is just enough and it gives my skin a glow, which is generally hard to get when you have skin like the sahara desert like I. Do I think it’s the best quality blush I’ve seen, not quite but I personally would purchase again because I think the color is lovely.

Looking to buy this blush? http://www.sephora.com/blush-P2855?skuId=248930

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