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The other day, my best friend posted on her blog an amazing post about her selfies and why she took every single selfie she’s posted in the past year. Read her post here… 

It was a very honest and vulnerable concept and I absolutely loved it.

If you couldn’t tell, I have decided to do the same thing.

In 2015 I posted 12 selfies and if I can remember, I am going to tell you my thought process behind all of them. Let’s get into it…

Screenshot_2015-12-13-18-23-1135 weeks ago, I posted this selfie. This selfie was the only selfie I took (that I posted) while abroad in Europe  and I remember this day very clearly. It was a warm day out and I got up pretty early and did my makeup and put on an outfit I liked and was feeling really good. I then had some time to spare before class so I was sitting in the dining room and decided to take this. The caption, “lol idk I’m just in a really good mood today so here’s a selfie to prove it.” It’s all right there. This picture wasn’t crazy edited and I obviously just wanted to post it to post it. I was at my pinnacle of happiness here and I didn’t care if it was going to get any likes or if I didn’t look my absolute best, I just felt like posting it.  I love looking at this picture now because it really does remind me of how I felt in that moment and how I deserve to be that happy all the time.

Screenshot_2015-12-13-18-23-235 weeks later I returned back to the states where I took this photo. The first day I got back. I think this was to show people that I was home? I remember sitting by the window and liking the lighting so I went and put on a colorful shirt and took endless pictures. The caption is some inspirational quote that I liked. I’m kind of embarrassed thinking about how hard I worked taking this picture (and now I don’t even like it hahahahah classic).

Screenshot_2015-12-13-18-23-34I think Kendall Jenner is beautiful. Beautiful with and without makeup. Since I love makeup, I decided to re-create her look that she posted on Instagram. It was fun to do the makeup and yes I took a lot of pictures to get this one but I did it because to me, it was fun. To do this, I got to try out a new makeup application technique and I don’t think me trying to mimic Kendall’s look is necessarily a bad thing. If I was day in and day out striving to look like her and trying to recreate EVERY SINGLE LOOK she did, that would be a different story but I didn’t. I was just having fun. I really want to do more of these for different celebrities because I like it, I like it a lot.

Screenshot_2015-12-13-18-23-39This picture I am still proud of and I think will be for a while. There was a trend going around about The Power of Makeup. Basically, it’s getting at the point that makeup is not a bad thing. This is something I feel pretty passionate about because like I said, I really enjoy makeup….not because I want to hide my natural face or because I hate how I look, but because it’s a form of self expression. Ask anyone, I am perfectly fine leaving the house without an ounce of makeup on and do it very frequently but I also will sport a full face of makeup just to go to class from time to time and not care what people think about it. It’s my face after all and it shouldn’t concern anyone else what I want to put on it. To take this picture, I just removed half of my face makeup from the day and went and touched some things up, I obviously didn’t put much thought into my hair for this picture hahhaahah.

Screenshot_2015-12-13-18-23-45This picture I worked hard for honestly. I took this picture because I wanted to post a cool picture. Straight up. I wanted to post a kind of model-esque picture that was different and so that’s what I did. My makeup was makeup I had worn throughout the day so it wasn’t like I went and put on makeup specifically for the photo but I did go to a window with good lighting and take numerous pictures before settling on this one. I didn’t use any crazy filters or effects on this and not to come off like I am bragging but my skin looks good because I am naturally blessed with pretty good skin and I also use a BOMB foundation. Looking back, could I have spent my time more productively? Yeah, definitely. Do I still like this picture, yeah definitely.

Screenshot_2015-12-13-18-23-53I’ll be honest, I hate that I posted this picture. I posted it at the time because I was in the phase where I was obsessed with showing anything and everything on social media. I just wanted to post. This was while I was on vacation and I worked out once for maybe 20 minutes so I had to post it on Instagram, obviously. The reason I am embarrassed now about this picture is that I went and actually whitened my teeth in the picture. I was self-conscious of how yellow (I thought) they looked so I went and fixed it. It’s kind of annoying how easy it is to fix something you don’t like about yourself. One of my friends then commented about how nice my teeth were and I was so internally embarrassed about my actions. Now people think I have perfectly white teeth but in reality I just edited them. I was going to take it down because I really disliked myself at that point for it but enough people had already seen it so I was just like whatever, the deed has been done. Needless to say, from then on I never edited my physical appearance in selfies again. I’m actually really happy I was embarrassed about that though because I realized how pointless that was. No one thinks differently about me because my teeth were a bit whiter in the picture, I am literally the only one who cared.

Screenshot_2015-12-13-18-24-00[I swear, I didn’t edit my teeth in this one, just real good lighting.]

I took this because of good lighting and I felt good that day. Simple as that. Although, I posted it because I was trying to get the attention of a guy who I was interested in. Pretty sure he didn’t even like it. Also, don’t remember who the guy even was so I guess he wasn’t all that important. lol. P.S. don’t know why the location says Target because I definitely was not at target.

Screenshot_2015-12-13-18-24-12Took this picture because I had just died my hair dark and was LOVING it. Although, I have to say when I took this my hair didn’t even look dark in the original picture so I did some filter work to make it look darker. I’m not embarrassed about that though because this is really how I looked (miss being that tan, sigh) but my phone just wasn’t capturing the color right. Whatever, hate on it.

Screenshot_2015-12-13-18-24-20I don’t do blog post Instagrams a lot but this one was very obviously for promotional reasons. The caption was…

“If you love monthly subscription service and jewelry as much as I do, head over to to learn about @Rocksbox. Interested? use the code “brookebookbeautyblogxoxo” for 1 month free:) wooohoo. P.S this necklace is from them if you didn’t get the relevance of the caption to the picture”

I’m not too proud of this picture, honestly. Don’t get me wrong, the company I was promoting I actually did really like and still do really like. I wasn’t promoting something just to promote it. I wasn’t paid for this but they did reach out to me because they wanted to give me a couple months free of the service in turn for me reviewing it. They didn’t say I had to say good things about it, just review it and if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t have talked highly of it. Excellent company, seriously. I loved this necklace too but that being said, the fact that I purposely put on this shirt and filtered it perfectly so that the necklace would stand out and just that I posted a picture of my boobs in general sits weirdly with me today. By the way, the code in the caption is no longer valid but still check out!

Screenshot_2015-12-13-18-24-26Hahahah okay, man do I have something to say about this picture. I like this picture of myself, I really do. My reason behind this picture is questionable though. I was talking, pretty seriously, to a guy and he just ended up treating me like s***. I was really annoyed and upset about it but kind of had the mindset like “Brooke, you don’t need him. You’re better than being upset about him. You don’t need a guy” mindset but I was still sad. I was just working on it. He was still following me on Instagram so since I had my hair and makeup already done for the day, I decided to take a selfie and post it in hopes he would see what he just lost. I even went out of my way to write a caption that made me feel empowered so that he would read it and think I was already over it. He didn’t like it, don’t even know if he saw it. Part of me wanted him to be like “s*** what did I just lose” and then come crawling back. None of that happened. Was just craving his lost attention. Classic. Now he un-follows me so maybe it worked? I don’t know.

Screenshot_2015-12-13-18-24-31HALLOWEEN. Took this just as a snapchat at a party and ended up saving it. I saw it the next day and actually liked it so I posted it. By the way, this isn’t an attempt at an artistic collage… it was 2 mirrors so this is just how it happened to come out. I loved my costume that night but something that you should all know is that my “abs” are makeup. I would be super embarrassed but this wasn’t something I hid throughout the night. I contoured where abs would be because I was a boxer and wanted the full effect and I seriously told people the entire night.

“Nice costume”

“Thank you, like my abs? They’re not real, it’s makeup.”

People loved it.

So yeah, maybe it’s weird to post because people I didn’t tell, just thought I had a good body but whatever, now everyone does know and honestly I’m pretty proud of my makeup work there so I still don’t care hahaha.

Screenshot_2015-12-13-18-24-34HALLOWEEN AGAIN. Okay, how could I not take a picture of this? I loved how it came out and so did a lot of people. I worked hard on it and was proud so I posted it.


And that’s about it for my 2015 selfies.

It comes down to, if you want to post a selfie, do it. If you’re not a selfie person, don’t do it. Posting a picture you took of yourself is not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean you’re conceited and only think of yourself, it means you are a person and social media is just that, social media. It doesn’t define you, so don’t let it. Embrace the selfies but always remember “you are worth more than 100 likes”.

Until next time,


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