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~2016 Resolutions~

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2016 is definitely going to be an interesting year as 2016 is the year I graduate from college and enter the so-called, “real world”. I foresee a lot of changes and a lot of growing (mentally not physically). That being said, I am always one to make resolutions for the New Year because even though they are kind of over rated in the sense that people just forget about them or give up soon after making them, I still think it’s worth making them because at least you are trying. So, here are mine…

  1. Be more patient with others- Anyone who knows me knows that I CANNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOTTTTTT STAND repeating myself. I could be in a great mood and some one simply says “sorry, what” (which I do all the time may I add) and my mood flips and suddenly I shoot them the “no, never mind” or angrily re-state my message. I don’t know why but it’s one of those things that push me over that edge EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  2. Get back into summer shape- This is so basic of me but oh well. Over the summer I got into the best shape I’ve ever been in and I got there because for once in my life I would go to the gym every day and come back DRIPPING sweat every day without fail. I worked my booty off this summer and it made a big difference, not only in my physical appearance but my mood and outlook on life as well. I want that back.
  3. Always be early or at least on time- Don’t get me wrong, I am not the kind of person who is late to everything by no means but I have run into situations where I over-sleep and am late for something important and that is something I need to kick my butt into over-drive and work big time on. Last semester of senior year I am going to push so hard to be 10 minutes early for every single thing I do that has a time frame. The reason for this is because when I graduate and get a real job, I cannot and WILL NOT be late for anything because that is so unprofessional and I didn’t spend 4 years in college to start a job with them thinking I am lazy. no no noooooo.
  4. Save money for travel- I have a travel fund but I had to empty it for reasons beyond my control. I really want to make this a priority in 2016 because all I think about 24/7 is traveling and that is what I want to spend my money on over nice shoes or high-end makeup (that’s saying a lot). Invest in experiences, not material items.
  5. Let go of negative people in life- I think this one is pretty self-explanatory but I am the kind of person who is very much altered by the people I surround myself with and the environments I am in and I have seen in 2015 where and who I thrive with and those who I don’t. I don’t want to purposely surround myself with people who don’t make me happy. I just don’t

I have other things I want to change or improve upon in the upcoming year but these are the ones that stick out to me the most, these are my priorities (along with my blog of course).

Stay tuned for a 2015 reflection coming soon!

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