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What I like (September 2015)

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Let’s not waste your oh-so-precious time here, you guys know how this works and if you don’t it goes like this: I blabber on about things that I’ve liked this past month. And just so you know… this month, I blabber A LOT.

Kiko cream eye shadow in ‘cream crush’-

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When I first got this I didn’t use it a whole lot, I liked it but it wasn’t something I would reach for too much. Now that it’s getting into fall though, I am constantly reaching for this. Not only is it super easy to apply and blend out, but it stays on forever. I’ve worn this eye shadow many times going out and forget to take it off at night (bad, bad Brooke) and I wake up the next morning and my makeup still looks almost as good as it did the night before. One way I have particularly loved wearing/applying it is I get some product on a flat shading brush and I apply it about 3/4 of the way in on my lid. I then take a fluffy crease brush and apply that same color into the crease. I then go with the same brush and grab a blending color–a tan or a light brown. Apply the blending color right above the crease so you don’t get too harsh of a line from the cream shadow. Go in with the gold color such as  “Dirtysweet” from the Naked Smokey palette and apply that to the inner 1/4 we left untouched and blend it a little further into the lid to get a gradient with the cream color. Optional steps (even though these are all obviously optional): apply a highlighting shadow (like an off white with a bit of shimmer) to the inner corner and apply more of the cream color under your lower lash line to even the look out and make it a little smokier.

Maybelline Camouflage Concealer-

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For a long time I was using Mac’s pro long wear concealer and absolutely loved it but when I ran out I decided to go on the search for a dupe because I didn’t feel like going to a Mac counter and I wasn’t happy with how much product went to waste with it. I found out about this concealer, decided to pick it up and now cannot recommend it enough. This concealer is absolutely perfect for concealing those nasty under eye circles. It doesn’t crease (if you set it of course) and if you get the right color it really works well for highlighting. Could not recommend this product enough.

Mac blush in ‘Whole lotta love’-

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I got this blush a long time ago–now that I think about it, it may be the first Mac product I ever bought– but just kind of forgot about it. Lately I decided to start using it again and I am so happy I did. You may not realize it but using a bright pink color like this gives you a super natural flush. I apply it with my Sigma stippling brush rather than the blush brush because I find it applies the color a lot more naturally. But warning: mac blushes are very pigmented so make sure to use a light hand when applying.


My fashion favorite this month? Shopping. Shopping is my favorite this month because I’ve done A LOT of it. That being said, I don’t have a specific thing that is my favorite because the things I really want are too expensive and I’m still in the search for cheap versions.

  • Over the knee boots that don’t make me look like a hooker
  • Trench coat that doesn’t make me look like inspector gadget
  • Leather-like pants
  • Good quality high wasted jeans that come in X-long length

Hit a sister up if you know of a good place to look because I need all 4 in my life.



Mixtures- Lately, instead of making separate food, I’ve just been making stuff and mixing everything together and I swear it makes the ingredients included taste 100 times better. I like doing either rice or potatoes with some kind of meat like ground up turkey and baked veggies. I then shower everything in garlic salt because garlic salt is actually the love of my life and tada you have a really yummy and filling meal.

Pizza Studio- So, this is a very VERY recent addition to my favorites this month because I just tried it for the first time… yesterday… aka the last day of September but MAN is it worthy of a spot in this post. My roommate and I decided to go check it out because they were giving away FREE PIZZA (music to my ears) and while the line was long, it was very worth it. This place is like the chipotle of pizza. You get to completely make your own thin crust pizza. I love thin crust pizza (i love any pizza) so I was in heaven. I got BBQ Chicken and it was—ugh. SO GOOD. My mouth is watering thinking about it.



‘Bossypants’ by Tina Fey-


I decided to buy this book on my phone because it’s easy and convenient and I love it. Love it love it love it. I think I enjoy it so much because if I were to be a book, I would be this book. She is so hilarious in it and it’s just unlike any other book I’ve ever read.







‘How to win friends & Influence people’ by Dale Carnegie-


This book was required to get for my ‘Intro to Entrepreneurship’ class so I got it and started reading it and I can already tell it is going to be life changing. It is a self-help book so I can see why that would turn people off but I have read another self-help book before and this is unlike others. In the beginning it tells you how to get the full potential of the book and one of the things was to read each chapter twice so that’s what I’ve been doing and it really does help. You catch things you didn’t catch before, just like watching a movie the second time around. What I really enjoy about this book is that they did a lot of research to back up the points. I’m not going to go too much into depth but it talks about Abraham Lincoln and how he wasn’t an amazing leader at first and then learned from his mistakes and changed his leadership style and now we know him as one of the greatest leaders to ever live. It backs everything up and really makes you think. I can just tell that it’s going to make such a difference in my life.


If you got all the way through this without falling asleep, thanks!

Until next time,


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