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Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky Palette review

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I’ve had the Naked 2 palette for quite some time and it is definitely well-loved.

So, when I heard that they came out with a Smoky eye shadow palette, I was very excited because as much as I love the Naked 2, unless you use the black, it’s hard to get a good dramatic eye look—which is my shhhit.


Let’s begin with the packaging:

I forgot to take a picture of solely the packaging but I will find and insert a picture…


The packaging is beautiful. I love the well…smoky…look of the palette that sets it apart from the other 3 palettes. This palette is also magnetic which is nice because on my Naked 2 the part the closes it broke and now I can’t close it. Overall, I just enjoy the packaging and how sleek and intense it is.


Onto the eye shadows… because I guess that’s important when reviewing an eye shadow palette.


First, does anyone knows if Urban Decay changed their eye shadow formula because WOW. I loved their eye shadows before but I honestly think these ones are even better. There is a couple that seem less smooth and creamy than the others but that doesn’t make them bad because they are still very pigmented as you can see by the swatches on my arm. I have used every single one of these and they all blend out very easily and look absolutely stunning. You can make so many different eye looks with this palette because there is such a wide variety. As you can see, you could even do a casual everyday look with this palette.


My favorite shadows thus far?

palette 2

My go-to color: ‘Dirtysweet’ is a shimmy gold and I have NEVER been a gold eye shadow gal but something about this one is so beautiful and summery. When I am not looking to do anything crazy, I like to just put this all over my lid.

Another option I turn to for a casual all over the lid color is ‘High’. This shadow is that perfect shimmery champagne color that you can never go wrong with.

For my favorite dark shadows, I am continuously drawn to using ‘Slanted’ on the inner half of my lid, ‘dagger’ on the outer half and throwing just a bit of ‘Black Market’ into the crease. It gives you that perfect dark gradient look that every one loves (yes, everyone).

A color I am trying to make work is ‘Smolder’, because it is SO sick looking but I just haven’t found a good look that does it justice quite yet. I’ll keep ya updated.

I also want to shout out ‘Thirteen’ because it is an amazing off-white shadow. You can use this color to brighten up your inner corner or on your brow bone and you are automatically more awake looking! I find a lot of white shadows tend to not be very pigmented but this one is an exception.


So, should you buy it?

If you are into using dark colors and creating dramatic looks, yes you should stop reading this and go purchase it right now. If you are not into that, I would recommend spending your money on a different palette created for everyday makeup looks.

For me, this has become my go-to palette and not just because it’s new but because I can do so much with it. This is the one eye shadow palette I would bring with me if I was travelling because you can use it for daytime looks and nighttime looks. What else could you possible need?


If you are interested in purchasing this palette, check out your local Sephora or Ulta or head over to their websites!


Thanks for sticking with me through my blog absence. I’m back!

Until next time,


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    1. I completely agree, their eyeshadows are so nice! let me know what you think if you try it and like it! Thanks for reading:)

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