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Too-Faced Cocoa contour palette review

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I have always been slightly self-conscious about what I believe to be my “fat face”. I just don’t love the shape of my face and while I know it is something I need to either embrace or work to fix (aka cardio), I like that I have the option to use makeup to make myself a little bit more confident.

Contouring has become a big thing in the makeup industry since the reveal of Kim Kardashian’s contouring routine. I would not consider myself a crazy extreme contour-er but I do contour my face more than not. If I am putting on makeup that day, you can bet your booty that I contoured because I just like how it slims out my face in a natural way.

I have tried out many different bronzers but recently I went on the search for a palette that had a warm bronzer and contouring bronzer and ended up hitting the jackpot.

That jackpot? The Too-Faced Cocoa Contour palette. Wanna know a bit about it? I got you girl/boy (for the few men reading… believe me, I know. Google Analytics knows all).

As always, Packaging first:


Too-faced has always had pretty bulky product packaging for their palettes which is not my favorite. I prefer slim designs so I can easily slip it into my makeup bag. This palette could definitely have been smaller and more travel friendly. That being said, I think the actually look of the packaging is very cute and very “too-faced” of them. Packaging does not make or break if I buy a product, but if I was comparing this to a palette similar that had better packaging, I would have gotten the other one.

What’s inside:

When you open up the palette you will see that there is 4 products: 2 bronzers and 2 highlighters. Products in order from top left to bottom right.

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Light Cocoa- This is a light, slightly shimmery white color. This is meant to put under your eyes and other places you want to lighten but so far I’ve just been using it as a brow bone highlight, an inner corner highlight and occasionally a cheek highlight. The reason I don’t use this as instructed or everyday is because I generally use concealer to highlight under my eyes and for cheek highlights I like to use cream because I have dry skin so sometimes powder is too much. It is a great color and I’m sure a lot of people love it, it’s just not my go-to. That being said, if you are traveling and need bronzers and highlighters in one, this will work as a nice subtle highlight.

Medium Cocoa- This bronzer is a much cooler bronzer with a more dark clay undertone. As you may be able to guess, this is the contour color. You use this color to define your cheekbones, contour your nose or anywhere else where shadows would hit on your face. For contouring you want to use a color similar to this compared to a warmer bronzer because it is meant to deepen that part of your face. I mainly only contour my cheekbones but when I have more time I will contour my nose and use a light hand to apply a bit of bronzer underneath my lower lip to give the appearance of more pouty lips. This color is absolutely perfect for contouring and makes it look natural but defined at the same time. I used to run into the issue with other bronzers that my cheek contour would fade and leave me with a splotchy looking cheek but I have been using this for about a month now and have not experienced that problem once, so that’s real nice!

Dark-Cocoa- This is your warm bronzer. This is the color you will apply on the parts of your face that the sun would hit. This color gives you that nice summer glow when in reality you’ve been sitting in an office building all summer. Apply this color in a 3E motion on the sides of your face. Just like Medium Cocoa, I have has no problems with the color fading or rubbing off throughout the day.

Pop of light- I honestly do not like this color. Sorry Too Faced! This is straight up sparkles and I just don’t like that look on my cheeks. This is meant to apply at the very tiptops of your cheek bones to give you a nice glow, but I think it is too much sparkles. I refer a highlight that is more of slight shimmer.

Contour brush- Too-faced has wonderfully soft brushes, and this one is no exception to the rule. Having this high quality brush included is fantastic for travel but when I am just doing my makeup at home, I am too loyal to my Sephora contour brush. Thanks for giving me the option though!

Additional comments

If you know anything about Too-Faced’s collection of “Chocolate” or “Cocoa” products you will know that these actually smell like chocolate! Don’t worry, the smell isn’t going to linger on your face so you’re not going to smell like a giant Hershey bar, but it’s definitely a cool addition.


Obviously, I didn’t rave about 2 out of 4 of the products contained in this palette but that’s just personal opinions. I am in love with the look and staying power of both the bronzers, which make it worth it for me. My overall recommendation would be to head into a Sephora and take a look at it yourself and have one of the makeup artists put the products on you. Everyone has different skin tones and preferences but I hope this helped you get a better idea of what the palette is all about.

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