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A couple of weeks ago, the company ‘Rocksbox’ reached out to me about trying their monthly subscription service. Being a huge fan of anything I can get monthly, I looked a bit more into the company to see if it was something I was interested in.

So, what is RocksBox?

“Rocksbox gives you unlimited access to rent from an ever-rotating closet of designer jewelry.”

That says it all. How it works is you go on and take a style survey so that the designers at Rocksbox can figure out what you are going to enjoy getting and then they will send you 3 items that you can wear as much as you want and return whenever you want. So, you can wear them once and then send them back the next week to receive a new set or you could keep the items for multiple months—it’s up to you! This service costs you $19 a month to be renting out designer jewelry. Every month you are guaranteed to be given around $200 worth of jewelry, so $19 doesn’t sound too bad does it? For more information head over to www.rocksbox.com

Now, let’s chat about what I thought about my very first Rocksbox.

First of all, when I got it I was very very happy with the packaging. It was so adorable! Take a look:



They also give you a shipping label to send it back so that it is super easy to switch up your jewelry.


As for the jewelry, I loved the pieces I received and one of them I want to keep forever.

Long Disc Necklace- Sophie Harper $60

  • OBSESSED with this necklace. I really want to try to find a cheaper short version of this style necklace because I seriously want to wear this necklace with every outfit.



Three Stone Drops in Aqua Druzy- Margaret Elizabeth $158

  • I love the color of these earrings they are absolutely beautiful even though they do hurt my earlobes a bit, but I think that is just because I don’t wear earrings all that much. That being said, it is nice to get earrings in this box because I never buy them for myself…and I especially wouldn’t buy $158 earrings for myself so I definitely don’t mind and am going to get my wear out of them.


Illuminating Rectangle Cuff in white- House of Harlow 1960 $88

  • I’M SO MAD. THIS CUFF DIDN’T FIT MY FAT WRIST. It’s so pretty and I love arm candy so I tried and tried but alas, my wrists are just too wide. My friend wore it though and she liked it!



What do I think so far?

So far, I really like the service. I think it is super fun that you can just try new designer jewelry without the commitment of buying them. Although, this is only my first box so I will let you know if my opinion changes by doing a post on every box I receive for you guys!

Wanna try Rocksbox? Use the code brookebookbeautyblogxoxo to receive 1 month free of Rocksbox!


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*I am not being paid or asked to write this post, everything is my personal opinion*

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