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Life Update (Sept 2015)

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I am typing this on the floor of my apartment wearing no pants and a fantastically huge sweatshirt… too much information? Oh well. Soon enough I will probably be still typing this but relocated to my Entrepreneurship class. Why will I be in class? Because I am back at college beginning the last year of my life. And by the last year of my life I mean the last year of college because what even is life after college? I don’t know but I also don’t want to find out. I’m back taking a couple courses I’m very excited for and some that I am not (cough cough finance) while also playing some intramural volleyball, being part of HerCampus UMass, the Marketing Club, my new job and also trying to have a social life (which is a lot easier to squeeze in than you may think hehehe). So, I will be very busy but I like to be busy. I thrive being busy because if I have nothing to do… I will do exactly that… nothing. Lately, in the midst of getting settled in I have lit a fire under my ass and had a LOT of motivation for this lovely site you are reading right now. I went through a bit of a slum where I was confused about where I wanted to take my blog so I just wasn’t working on it. Bad Brooke. I think I have finally figured out what I want TheBrookeBook to be. I have a lot of exciting ideas that I am working on putting into action so keep updated with me here and you might just see those things happen.

A lot of this motivation was born this summer. I was talking about this with some friends 2 weekends ago actually. My roommate had the adorable idea to go around in a circle and say the peaks and pits of our summer. When it got to me I got real cheesy and told everyone about how I really learned a lot about my self this summer and what I want in my personal and professional life and I was expecting to get some sassy responses from my friends but everyone seemed to be happy for me so that was cool. I’m not going to go into crazy depth about what those things are because they are pretty personal and to be honest… lame sounding, but moral of the story is I am really excited for what is to hopefully come and to start growing in more ways than one (not height, 6’1″ is fine for me). I feel like I’m just in a really good place and have grown up a lot and it’s exciting to know what I want. It’s pretty cool that I am so young and I have so much opportunity to shape my life how I want it. I don’t know, I’m just really excited and optimistic about the future. Because as much as I don’t want to leave my college bubble and enter the real world, I am confident that I am not going to allow myself to settle and I am going to work my butt off to get where I want to me. I’m excited to enter the real world and make changes and hopefully a difference and just be successful in every aspect of life. Ja feel?

I have more I could update on but I feel like that was the biggest thing.


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