How drinking water has changed my life

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Maybe the title is a bit dramatic but whatever.

It all started thanks to Starbucks. The first week of work this summer I went to Starbucks and saw this pretty purple cup. I bought said pretty purple 24 oz cup and haven’t looked back. Lol but seriously. I began drinking SO much water. At work I would refill purple cup on average 3-4  times (we’re not going to talk about how much I had to go to the bathroom though because wow). I started seeing positive side effects almost immediately. I then started to realize that I don’t think that I had EVER been drinking even close to enough water. I’ve been living a life of dehydration. So, let’s talk about changes I began to see…

The first week

The first week of drinking crazy amounts of water, I was obsessed. I was constantly drinking and drinking and drinking and to be completely honest, I felt like an absolute whale. Fair warning that when you drink a lot of liquids, you stomach really shows it. Water weight anyone??? Seriously, I felt full all the time, which also contributed to me eating significantly less but not in a bad way. Drinking water showed me when I was actually hungry and when I was just eating because I was (1) bored or (2) dehydrated. People confuse being dehydrated for being hungry all the time. That was the biggest change I saw immediately but I was happy with it. And when I say I felt like a whale—it wasn’t that full feeling you get from going back up to the Chinese food buffet 4 times, its a content full.


Longer term results

I continued with this pretty purple cup for the entire summer. That purple cup was bae. Not kidding. I brought this cup everywhere with me. This cup was more reliable than any guy has ever been………….well, now I seem utterly pathetic so moving on from the cup specifically…I became even more obsessed with drinking water because I was seeing so much good come from it.

  • While I was gaining crazy water weight during the day, I found that I was losing weight unlike I ever have before (granted I was working out and eating healthier too but still)
  • Clear skin—I got so many compliments on my skin during this time and recently as well. I’ve always had little bumps around my nose and they actually went away and overall my skin just looked really good.
  • Under eye bags no more—I think I will always have under eye bags to some extent because it is also genetics but I did notice that they weren’t as bad as they have been before.
  • Focus—I feel that my mind is clearer and I can focus better on things that matter and require attention

Obviously, there is much MUCH more health benefits that drinking water provides you with but these are the results I’ve been SEEING. I know that water is helping all my organs out inside me but these are things I have been actually noticing… and you could too if you start drinking more water this very instant. How to do this? Here’s a few tips:

  • Hungry? Drink a glass of water first.
  • Drink water when you wake up
  • Get a cute water bottle like I did. Everyone knows that when you get a new water bottle you just want to use it as much as possible. Also, by getting a reusable water bottle, you are doing your part in helping the planet. Yay.
    • Get a BIG water bottle so you don’t have to refill it as much


Are you thirsty now?

Until next time,


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