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3 days in Cape Cod with the Gleason Fam

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Please excuse how late I am getting this post up.


A while back, my best friend Hayley (I’m sure you’ll see many more posts with her) invited me to go to the cape with her and her wonderful family whom I absolutely love.

Day 1: I told both Hayley and my other roommate, Niki (who lives in the Cape) that I was only a half hour away and they told me to pull over and plug Sandy Neck beach into my GPS and just meet them there. This beach was so cool because if you have a permit, you can drive your car onto the beach. Luckily, one of Niki’s friends has a truck that also happens to have a permit so they picked me up and we drove in the bed of the truck to their spot. Hayley’s friend from home was also there and I hadn’t seen her in a while so I was very pleasantly surprised she was there (and by pleasantly surprised I mean that I was told she would be there but I forgot). Also, Niki’s little from her sorority was there and apparently I met her in Prague but I … forgot…. so, it was nice to meet her again. We went back, got ready and then went out for dinner and drinks at this restaurant and bar. I got fried scallops because even though they were quite pricey I was like “Hey, I’m on vacation” but they were not good at all. I also got a very strong margarita because “Hey, I’m on vacation”. After what felt like a few minutes of being at the restaurant a bunch of men and yes I mean men, came up to us. Ahh, a bachelor party. Like I said— MEN— most of them had wives and young children at home. So, we just chatted with them all and had some strange conversations. As an ice breaker we were told to all go around and say our name with a verb that describes us but it has to start with the same letter that our first name starts with. Naughty Niki, Hipster Hayley, A great time Abbey (lol), I don’t remember what Kayleigh or Kathryn’s were (I think someone’s was kind) and… bodacious Brooke because why not?


Day 2: The weather on my second day in the cape was not the best so we decided to go to Provincetown, which is the town at the very tip of the cape known for their LGBT pride. As we were driving there, the weather cleared up significantly which made us all happy campers. We walked around all the cool shops and went out to lunch at this place called “The Patio” and my burger was on fleek.

That night, we had the most delicious dinner. Wow. I’m pretty much salivating thinking about it. Hayley’s dad and grandma made muscle linguini and it was out of this world. Muscles are one of my favorite foods so it’s safe to say I was in heaven. After dinner, the entire family sat around and told stories, which was really adorable. It made me really happy that I was able to sit there with their family while her grandmother told stories from when she was younger and her dad told crazy stories of his trips. It definitely allowed me to get to know their family a bit deeper than I already did and it made me love the Gleason fam even more.Cape weekend 1

cape weekend 2

Day 3: WE’VE GOT SUN. This was super exciting so we went to the beach because what else would you do on a beach vacation? We went to this beach in Wellfleet called Beachcombers and MAN was it beautiful. Hayley and I played Mr. Gleason and Hayley’s older sister’s boyfriend Vinny. I don’t feel like talking about who won. Sore subject. We got food. I got a big grampa sweatshirt that I am wearing while typing this and the entire day was lovely. OH, and our other roommate Amber finally got to the cape. Roommate galore (ugh I can’t wait to live with all 3 of them, expect some fun posts!)

cape weekend 6

cape weekend 4

cape weekend 5


That night we decided to go into PTown again because it’s just so fun there and we got a giant margarita that tasted like apple juice. Dangerous.

cape weekend 3

Day 4: Day 4 was…..interesting. It was raining in the cape and that was the day I needed to head home because I had work the next day. So, at one point I was like, “it’s not raining too hard right now so I think I’m just going to head out now.” Said my goodbye’s and made my way home. It was not light rain my friends. These roads were dangerous. About 50 minutes into my drive, I realized…. I forgot my PURSE. WHAT BROOKE WHAT. It wouldn’t have been a big problem if I had gas because I was seeing amber later that week but I obviously didn’t have enough gas to get home so I made my way back to their house. Ended up staying there and playing some games with the fam for while and then decided I really had to go now. But this time, the roads were even worse. BUT HEY, I’M ALIVE.


That was a real quick run down of that weekend, but nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed reading it!


Until next time,



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