Living Proof product [first] impression

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Hi, my name is Brooke and I am a hair product junkie. (hi brooke..)


I specifically remember a day when my parents were getting so annoyed because of the amount of products I had in the shower. I think they’re fun. I like seeing the difference they make on my hair.

Living Proof is a company based out of Cambridge, MA (support local based companies!). Some chemists, including one from MIT looked at what beauty products are made of and were not satisfied. They were all the same products, none that were going to actually make a long-term difference. And to think that we spend a lot of money on those products too!

I’ve tried out Living Proof products before, but never long enough to see if they actually made a difference. I have been using purely the following Living Proof products for a little over week and now I am going to report my findings so if you are interested, keep on reading! All the reviews on these products are my honest opinion.

Starting out first with my favorite product….

5-in-1 styling treatment


Coincidentally, this is also the last product I tried out of all 4. Before I talk about the product itself, I’ll give a back-story on my hair type. Since my hair has grown out, I get really adorable curls underneath my hair and if/when I braid it at night after I shower I wake up with nice and crazy beach wave hair. The problem I have found is that throughout the day the very top layer of my hair straightens out and just ruins the entire look. THIS PRODUCT IS A MIRACLE. I am seriously so happy with how this product works and I will 100% be repurchasing it when I am out. I find that for my hair, it does a great job of holding my curls and making them look slightly neater but still natural and it also gives my hair volume, which my hair is seriously lacking. What I have been doing is showering at night, putting it in my hair from my roots to the ends and then doing the usual and french braiding my hair. It works like magic for me. I’d recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Nightcap overnight protector


This was the first product I tried out because I love deep conditioners and overnight products. Why wouldn’t I love them? They do the work as you get your beauty sleep! The first and only change I noticed when I woke up was that my hair felt super soft. I say “only” like that is a bad thing but it’s not, I was pumped my hair felt so soft. My hair was feeling very rough lately and this product really seems to work at softening it. As for any other changes, I will let you know if I see any as I continue using it.

Shampoo & Conditioner 


On the bottles they read, “improves hair overtime” so I am not going to lie to you and say that I saw a difference in my hair quite yet. I know that in order to see real results from these 2 products, I will have to use them for a significantly longer time. As I only have travel size bottles, I will most likely go out and purchase the full size soon to see if I can give you a real review. That being said, allll of these products including the shampoo and conditioner smell really good. Personally, I do not adore when they smell like flowers or fruit or something else because I just want to smell fresh. I don’t want my hair or armpits smelling like papaya… I want them to smell clean. These products all smell natural and fresh which I really appreciate.


Other comments

I’m a sucker for good packaging and these get my stamp of approval. I love the colors and the clean looking containers. Maybe that is a weird thing to love, I don’t know. Although, I wouldn’t say it’s not that stupid because after all, a lot of us without even realizing it buy products because of the packaging. Maybe this packaging doesn’t catch everyone’s eye, but it catches mine. Bravo Living Proof, Bravo.


Interested in any of the products mentioned or want to check out the rest of their collection? Visit their website or check out their selection in your local Sephora or Ulta.


Want to know how I like these products after using them for a longer time period? Comment down below and let me know when you would like a further and more in-depth review!


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