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The Power of Makeup

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Today, despite it being one of the weirdest days ever (not going to get into details), I am very happy.

As you may know, I want to get into the beauty industry for many reasons but one reason in particular is to right the misconception people tend to have of girls wearing makeup—makeup shaming if you will.

If you have not seen it on social media, then go look up #ThePowerOfMakeup and you will get many posts of girls doing half of their face full makeup and half of their face completely naked. It all began when a YouTube video surfaced by NikkieTutorials…

The right to express your self with makeup is something I feel very strongly about and because I like to defend what I believe in, here I will be letting you know why I think the world needs to stop makeup shaming…

We wear it because it’s fun

Some days I wear simple makeup but some days I go all out and actually highlight my brow bone and use lip-liner and winged liner and that is because for me, it really is fun. I enjoy doing my makeup in the morning. I sit there in my comfy chair, put a YouTube video on and take my time doing my makeup because it is my favorite part of getting ready. I like to experiment with different looks and play around with different products. It is fun to get new makeup and use it to see what looks you can make from it. It really is art and you’ll understand what I mean if you have ever struggled with winged liner or false lashes.

Boys: We are not wearing it for you… get over yourself

We wear makeup for us! Sure, I feel confident without makeup on too but having my makeup done well makes me feel on top of the world. It helps that makeup makes us look alive in the mornings and yeah I admit I’d rather a cute boy see me with my makeup done than not but I do not go buy 50 dollar foundation because I think YOU will like me more. Rumor has it that boys don’t like dramatic lip colors…. and guess what? I still wear dramatic lip colors whenever I get the chance.

It makes you look more pulled together

As I am approaching the age of leaving college and going into the real world, I have learned how important first impressions are. Being a business student, I have to get dressed up business professional and casual quite frequently and if my makeup isn’t done it throws the entire look off. Listen, I want to be remembered for my ideas and thoughts NOT for that gigantic zit on my chin or the bags under my eyes. Putting a bit of makeup on makes it look like you tried a bit more than you may have and trying is always a good thing to portray.

It’s a form of self-expression

I touched on this a bit before but to really concrete this into your mind I’ll say it again. Just like fashion can express your personality and style, so can makeup.

Highlighting natural features

I personally love makeup because I love finding ways to bring out my eye color or accentuate my lip shape or sharpen my cheekbones. We are all so beautiful naturally and it is nice that we have the ability to show enhance our natural beauty even more. If you love your eye color and want it to pop… you can do that. But at the same time, if you hate your skin and you don’t want people seeing it, put foundation on… you do you because….

Not my face, not my problem

I have no place in giving you a hard time because you wear a lot of makeup. It literally is not affecting me at all. Giving people tips on how to perfect their makeup is a different story but this whole makeup shaming thing is just not okay. Why do you care that I like to change the appearance of my nose when I do my makeup. I am not trying to change the appearance of your nose so go away.

Makeup comes off.

At the end of the night, you take a makeup remover toilette and you wipe the makeup off. None of this is permanent. Our faces are just like weird shells that we like to decorate from time to time, because in the end… you can’t judge a book by its cover because it is what’s on the inside that counts. Awww.


People say all the time that it’s sad that young girls feel the need to apply makeup to feel confident. I agree, that is not how makeup should be but you have to realize that they are doing that for a reason. Girls can’t win now-a-days. They wear no makeup, they get shamed. They wear makeup, they get shamed. I don’t blame the girls for that. I was self-conscious without makeup for years because any time I decided not to wear it I would get comments.

“You look tired today.”

“Are you feeling alright?”


Makeup is fun. Wear makeup and feel confident with yourself or don’t wear makeup and feel confident about yourself. Don’t let people dictate how you act or what you love. Whether or not you want to wear makeup or not, it’s your choice, it is up to you. Learn to be comfortable with or without makeup and never be ashamed of who you are.

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