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Since not all of us can afford to get temporary lip injections (no hate, pure jealousy), we have to fake the full lip look. For me, to make my lips look more full, it’s simple… wear some kind of lip product. I suffer from having lips that might as well be the same color as my skin so when I don’t wear anything, it looks like I have no lips… cute, right? Lately, I have found a look that makes my lips actually look like they exist and is casual enough to wear on a daily basis and I am OBSESSED.

Firstly, Lip liner…

lip 1
For a while, I had never been one for lip liner because I just think of the people who execute it poorly and that scared me. So, I went to Mac and told them I wanted a very subtle lipliner to go with my favorite lip stick and they showed me ‘Oak’. When they first showed me I was like… uh this is brown and my lipstick is pink but I played around with it and it works like magic. This lipliner allows me to ever so slightly over-line my lips (to give a more plump appearance) and prevents my lipstick from feathering. When I line my lips I mainly focus on the top of my lips to define the arch and on the outer corners to give it a crisp and clean appearance.

Secondly, Lipstick…

lip 4

After I apply the lipliner I move onto my all-time favorite lipstick, Faux by Mac. For me, this lipstick is my ‘lips but better’ color. It is the perfect balance of pink and nude. This color is perfect to apply quickly to just give your lips that bit of color and bring them back to life.

TIP: After you apply the lipstick, purse your lips together and use the product on your upper lip and press that against the line of your bottom lip to get a precise and natural line.

Lastly, Lipstick 2…

lip 2

i love Faux BUT in the summer when I have a bit of a tan going, I feel it washes me out a bit so I dab just a little of this Tarte LipSurgence in ‘Thoughtful’ on my lips and blend it with my finger to bring a slight bit of pink to it.

lip 3

^^Look at the lipliner— BROWN. Don’t let it scare you.

Now, this must seem like a lot of lip products at once and you’re right, it is. TIP: After you apply lipstick 1 and 2 make sure to grab a tissue and blot your lips twice each. This will remove the excess lipstick and also matte-ify the look which I love. If you don’t want the matte look, just blot your lips after the first lipstick.

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