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Abroad Makeup Favorites

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As I have officially returned to the states, that means more blog posts and MUCH more beauty posts because we all know I have been slacking on those. I am going to begin by easing back into my makeup posts with some favorites so that I can tell you all what I have been loving to wear on my face while wandering throughout Europe.

KIKO Lasting Colour Eyeshadow in Cream Crush

There is a makeup brand called Kiko in Italy and since I knew I couldn’t get this brand at home, I had to buy some while in Florence… right? I got myself a few things but my favorite thing I got was this cream eye shadow. It is without a doubt the creamiest eye shadow I have ever used and the color is absolutely beautiful. I like to deepen up a makeup look by just taking this color on a fluffy dome shaped brush and applying this both on the lid and a bit heavier in the crease.

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My only regret is that I got Hayley this lip crayon from Kiko and it was SO pretty and stayed on so well and I wish I had gotten that for myself as well because I am sure it would probably be in this list of my favorites.


MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (Shade: NW20)

As for face makeup, when I have been wearing it… I’ve been wearing much less and for different reasons. Now, if I wear face makeup it is usually just this concealer and I pretty much only put it in triangles under my eyes and blend it out with my beauty blender. Doing this brightens up my face so so much while also working to conceal my terrible under eye circles. When getting a concealer always opt for one that has brightening powers to it or is a shade lighter than your normal color. Brightening under your eyes will provide dimension to your face and make you look more awake.

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Tarte’s Park Ave Princess contour palette

To add color to my face I have absolutely been loving the Tarte Park Ave princess palette. Unfortunately I cracked my bronzer and had to try to fix it and it never went back to quite how it was before, still good but not near as amazing as it was when I first purchased it. This palette was perfect for being abroad because it was slim and had everything I needed in it. On the other side of the palette is a pink blush that would look good on a bunch of different skin tones and a highlighter shadow. I personally loved swirling my brush in both of them at the same time to get a shimmery pink blush. I believe this palette was special edition but if it is still online I will find it, link it and then purchase myself another one!

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L’Oreal Infallible Super Slim liquid eyeliner

Just like my face, I have been tending to keep my eye makeup more natural as well. For the most part, I have been wearing very light winged liner and mascara for my eye makeup and I love it. Obviously, I deepen and darken my makeup for night time a lot of the times but during the day, I love this look.

Winged liner is hard and I get questions all the time about how I do my winged liner and here is how:

  1. Get this eyeliner
  2. Practice

But seriously, this liner makes it really easy and is so pigmented but I will also be making a post on how to do winged liner so stay tuned.

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Sigma Small Angle E85

And last but not least, the one part of my recent makeup routine that I don’t keep all that natural (not denying it)…. My brows. I have become OBSESSED with brows so much more lately. This brush is just to symbolize that because it is what I use and I don’t see myself changing it anytime soon because I have tried using other brushes and it’s just bad. I have finally figured out what the perfect arch to my brows is and yes, they are a bit more dramatic but I like them. My brows are now definitely darker and more defined but they don’t look fake or drawn on…. What else could you ask for!?

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I think that is about it for my favorite makeup products for the past 4 months! Comment down below what your favorite makeup products have been and as always….

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