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Spring Break (Part 3/3) BARCELONA!!!!

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After Amsterdam, we set out on the last leg of our Spring Break journey and landed in the beautiful land of Barcelona. From the very beginning of the semester, I knew I needed to go to Barcelona at some point because before I chose Florence, I was deciding between Florence and Barcelona. I obviously loved the idea of Barcelona and just Spain in general so I made it my mission. It just so happens that literally every other study abroad student wants to go there as well, so finding people to go with was not an issue at all.

Disclaimer: I in no way regret my decision to study in Florence, but MAN did I love Barcelona. So, if throughout this entire post I sound like I regret not studying in Barcelona…. refer back to this.

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To start off, Barcelona’s weather was absolutely beautiful both days we were there, which made it 10x more enjoyable and quite a change from both London and Amsterdam’s dreary weather. We were all obviously very happy campers about that! The first day there, myself, Emma and Elizabeth set out to sight see pretty early in the morning because Emma actually had to leave that evening to catch a flight to Paris to see her family. She wanted to see some sights before she left though so we decided to join her and get an early start to our day. Firstly, we hopped on the metro and made our way to the Sagrada Familia which is a Roman Catholic church designed by Gaudi. It was absolutely beautiful to see even though there was a bunch of construction going on. It was cool because I took spanish (yeah, i know that its catalan there) for 8 years and had always learned about this church, so it was pretty neat to see it in real life. We decided against paying to stand in line and see the interior of the church because we just had so little time. Maybe we should have, but honestly…. since being in Europe I don’t think you realize how many churches I have seen…. IT’S A LOT.

We then knew we had to go see Park Guell, which is an area ALSO designed by Gaudi. We paid so that we could go up close to the mosaic bench that overlooks the city. It was pretty anti-climactic honestly but it was still cool to see. We decided to just hang out on the bench for a bit and relax when we met this guy who is studying in Barcelona and his family from New York which was funny because both of my friends are also from New York. We were talking to them at one point and somehow it came up that one of my friends had a cousin that goes to UVM and they had a cousin that goes to UVM and then some random couple across from us goes…. “My daughter goes to UVM” and then they start talking…. turns out, that couple is from Massachusetts! SUCH a small world.

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After we got our fill of Park Guell we realized we NEEDED to go see the beach. We got there and saw a outdoor restaurant literally ON the beach and decided to eat a quick meal there. Emma and I shared the mixed seafood Paella and just typing that is making me hungry because it was so good. I haven’t had a whole lot of seafood while abroad yet and seafood is my absolute favorite so I was pretty much in heaven.

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View at lunch

We walked down to the water and hung out there for a bit until Emma had to get back to make her train to the airport. Then Elizabeth and I ran into a bit of an issue. Being disconnected from WiFi and data is actually kind of nice a lot of the time, until you need it…. to like, I don’t know… CONTACT YOUR FRIENDS WHO HAVE THE APARTMENT KEY. So, we 1. had no idea where our apartment was, 2. couldn’t ask the where or for the key and 3. couldn’t even find them.┬áLong (boring) story short, we ended up going to see the Museum of Fine Arts and then taking the Metro back to where our friends were (because they found WiFi and told us. Instead of buying dinner that night, we went to this extremely cheap grocery story right across the street from us and got food from there.

OH, also… remember that I talked in my London post about my new shoes giving me blisters? Well, this night my friend Talia accidentally stepped on the back of my food and my ankle started gushing blood in the Barcelona streets. It was absolutely disgusting and I am still in awe about how much blood there is in your ankle.

Fast forward to later that night. Barcelona is known for the night life and let me tell you… it did not disappoint. We decided to go to this club called Opium, which is said to be the best and biggest club in Europe and to say we had a blast would be an understatement. There is all different sections to it with 5 different bars, dancers, lights… EVERYTHING. And to top it all off… it’s on the beach. We danced all throughout the night and I loved every second of it… obviously, because we didn’t get home until after 6am.



Our second day in Barcelona was a beautiful 75 degree day so we decided to park our exhausted, spring break booties on the beach and not move. I loved it. Definitely was the best way to end my spring break without a doubt.

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Later that night we got dinner (Paella again, of course!) and went out to a different club called Danzatoria where we met these two other girls who were so much fun. We hung out with them the entire night and once again, danced and danced and danced.

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5:00am- get home from club

5:30am- get in taxi to take us to airport

Obviously, I just didn’t sleep.

We actually ran into a HUGE issue when it came to getting to the airport because the guy who was supposed to check us out of our apartment came late and took a while so our taxis had to wait which made us miss our train so we got on the next one which ended up taking us the wrong way. We were then stranded in the streets at 6am and we had to get a taxi to take us to the airport which ended up being a VERY pricey ride but we made our flight in time and that is honestly the most important thing.

Barcelona was my first place I was actually sad to leave and go back to Florence. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Florence so so so so much but I fell in love with Barcelona. Obviously, I am happy to be back in Florence now but I just really enjoyed the lifestyle in Barcelona and it made me want to go travel to other parts of Spain.

Well, that’s about it for my Spring Break posts, I hope you enjoyed reading them!

Fino alla prossima volta,


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