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Spring Break (Part 2/3) AMSTERDAM

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Thus far on our European adventures, we have seen a lot of cities that are all different in their own way but not drastically different. Amsterdam is that exception. This city is¬†absolutely beautiful regardless of the fact that the weather may have not been. As you can see from the pictures, all the streets and canals are lined with these picturesque houses, and this is not just one area… this is how the entire city is. It is very charming, although it makes getting lost a lot easier because well… everything looks the same, but then again, people say that about Florence too.

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A lot of houses were slanted…

We stayed in an Air BnB. What is an Air BnB you ask? Well, its this website that you just type in where you are going, for what days and how many people and it brings up options of apartments you cant rent out. Hostels aren’t that bad but sometimes it is nice to stay in a place that is a bit more homey. We ended up staying in this adorable apartment that was in a great location.

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Staying in an apartment may be a bit more pricey than a cheap hostel but you have to realize that you have a kitchen. We saved a good amount of money while there because we just went to the grocery store and made a big dinner. Our dinner only ended up being 5 euro each and we made chicken, pasta, veggies and garlic bread. You can’t beat that.

One of the days we were there, we decided to purchase a ticket to go see the Keukenhof Gardens in Holland. This was an unreal experience and I am so glad we decided to make the quick trip to go see it. You have probably seen a picture like this picture before….

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Well, that is where we went, but unfortunately, the fields were not bloomed yet. A bit of a bummer but it didn’t kill our mood because there was so much more to see. It would have been AMAZING too see the fields in bloom but there really wasn’t anything we could do about it, so maybe later in life. These gardens were so big and fun to explore that we were there for 4 hours in dreary weather but we didn’t even care. We honestly could have explored for much longer too because we didn’t even get to see everything.

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Another amazing opportunity we got was to see the Anne Frank house. If you don’t know the story of Anne Frank, then I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under. I can’t post pictures because we were not allowed to take any but it was quite the eye opening experience. We were able to walk up the stairs into the secret annex and see where the Frank family had to stay in hiding for two years. It was a pretty surreal tour. They had to have black out shades on the window and could barely make any noise during the day time because they couldn’t risk anyone downstairs hearing them. Also, on display was Anne’s actual diary. Looking at the diary really made everything hit home because it really cemented it in your head that this was an actual young girl going through this. At the end of the tour there was a video you could watch and in the video John Green, the author of ‘The Fault in our stars’ was talking about the idea that SO many other people were killed during this time period and none of them have a museum or a book in their honor. That by no means was trying to degrade Anne Frank’s memory or all that has come from it because if anything, all the attention to her also brought attention to the Holocaust events but it was crazy to think about. If you ever get the chance to visit Amsterdam, try not to get too caught up in their lack of laws and make sure you visit the Anne Frank Haus because it was truly incredible.

On a bit of a happier and more cheerful note, the last day we went to the Heineken Experience! We got to go and learn about the beer’s history, how it’s made and packaged. All in all, it was a very FUN experience. They definitely know how to make it an engaging museum/tour. There was games you could play, movies you could watch and TASTINGS.

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There’s really not much else to say about it because that’s really it! All my friends and I had a wicked fun time during it and we were really happy we spent the money to see it. We also go a free gift with your ticket— a Heineken glass which you could then get engraved for 3 euro extra, which was a really good idea. I did that and then I also got Heineken sweatpants because… I like sweatpants.

The rest of our trip was just spent exploring Amsterdam and all it has to offer. We obviously went to go see the IAmsterdam sign because duhhhh anything for a good Instagram pic, amirightladies?

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Fino alla prossima volta,


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