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HERE YA GO MOM. Honestly, I forgot to make one about my family coming for a bit because I feel like my family is the only one who actually reads my blog and well… they were there to witness it. But, no worries mom… before you sent this I had already started making an outline for this post.

As you can tell my the title, MY FAMILY CAME TO VISIT. In the beginning, I thought it was going to be just my sister coming to visit, which I was happy with but obviously I wanted my parents to come as well. Then one day I get this text…..

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I am a pretty independent person and I’ve never been the kind of person the gets really homesick especially when I am having the time of my life in Europe, but when it became real that my family was coming… I got homesick like no other and all I could think about was my family being in Italy for 10 whole days!!

They arrived in Florence on March 9th.

Since this would be 20,000 words long if I went into what we did each and every day, I’m going to spare you some reading. Most of the days we had in Florence were just spent walking around and showing them the classic tourist traps, which they obviously loved because who wouldn’t?! They are tourist traps for a reason!

On the third day they were here, I had 3 classes so they took a train to Venice for the day! If you want to know more about their trip… ask them because I was held up in class all day. All I really know is that they took a gondola ride and my sister was holding a panini at one point and a bird came and took a bite of it. No joke.

Disclaimer: This post will most likely not be in order, it’s just what is popping into my head!

One of the days we decided to hop on a quick train to the small italian town of Prato. My dad really wanted to find this one place that was apparently famous for their biscotti’s and I don’t really like biscotti but I must say, they were really good. We then found this medieval fortress that we were able to walk inside of and climb up. At the top, we got a beautiful view of the entire city. We walked around a bit more until we all decided we wanted food food. Our parents went into this panini place but me and Paige decided to sit down at this actual restaurant and get a full out meal. This is where we discovered that barely anyone in this town spoke english. We continued to explore the town but honestly, there wasn’t much more to it. It was small and yes, pretty boring but it was really cool to see a town completely different from Florence… aka NO TOURISTS, besides us of course!

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The fortress

Another trip that we made was on the weekend to Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre has 5 different villages (cinque=5) and we were lucky enough to get to visit 2 of them on our visit. We stayed in the 4th village called Vernazza and it was so cute. Vernazza has this little castle looking lookout point that you can climb to and overlook the ocean and the entire village and it took my breath away. I am a sucker for a look out point. I think it is so grounding to look out and get a 360 view of the world around you. It can make you feel so small which I love. Looking out at the ocean from this point almost brought tears to my eyes. I am sooooo lucky for this opportunity I have been given and just the life I have been given. It is crazy to me how just a view can make you feel so connected.

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Cheesy-ness aside… we got dinner and just relaxed and enjoyed some piece and quiet. We sat at a currently not open outdoor restaurant that overlooked the ocean and drank wine and ate cheese and crackers. It was perfect in every sense of the word.

The next day we visited Montorosso, the 5th village and also the beach village. we explored there, ate some seafood paella and took in the views. We also took a walk along the side of the mountain that brought us to yet another amazing look out point. From here you could see the entire side of the coast that the villages are on and it was once again an amazing moment.

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Overall, it was a very relaxing and perfect trip with my lovely family and I was so truly happy.

Although, what I really want to tell you all about is my favorite day I had in Florence with my family. Piazza Michelangelo is a very classic place to go in Florence because well…. you get views like this…

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I knew I had to take them there because it really is a nice spot. We reluctantly climbed the stairs up to it and we sat on the steps for what felt like forever. It’s hard to explain why it was so perfect because you really would have to be there. We sat there, got gelato, had some wine, talked and just enjoyed the view of my breath-takingly beautiful home. In the distance we could see a church so we decided to make our way towards it and it ended up being so worth it. We came upon this monastery, Saint Anthony’s Monastery, and were blown away by its interior. Everything was intricate.

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Then me and Paige wanted to go see some building we could see in the distance so we once again set off on a mission so see a mystery building. Unfortunately, we could not make it to this one because it was 1. too far and 2. we were walking in the wrong direction so we just gave up and walked back to Piazza Michelangelo where we were lucky to witness the sunset while being a street musician played and we got some more wine. Perfect is an understatement.

They left Florence on March 19th.

SO much more happened while they were here and we all had such a great time, but you don’t need to know every detail;)

I wish everyday that my family could be back here sharing this journey with me.

Mom, Dad and Paige… Thank you for coming to visit me. It was a pleasure to show you this amazing place.


Fino alla prossima volta,




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