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Vienna, Austria (February 21, 2015)

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After an amazing day and night in Budapest, a smaller portion of us loaded a bus again and took a 4 hour ride to Vienna, Austria. There was an option through EuroAdventures to stay the entire weekend in Budapest or go to Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg. While in Budapest, I remember wishing that I had chosen to stay the entire weekend because I had such a good time. I also wasn’t too excited for Vienna because I hadn’t heard much about it and wasn’t expecting much. Little did I know, Vienna was going to turn out to be my favorite place I have visited thus far.

In Vienna, we stayed in a “Hostel-Hotel” and I was put in a room with Megan, Taylor and Brooklyn but OTHER Megan and Cath were stuck in a room with 2 other girls on the trip. We were all still on the same floor so it wasn’t a big deal. The Hotel was pretty far from the city center so we had to take the metro into the city. We were not given a tour guide, but instead the two EuroAdventure leaders walked us around but unfortunately could not give us a whole lot of background history on the city, but it was still nice to be shown around. At the very beginning we were shown Saint Stephens Cathedral. It is a beautiful, gothic-style cathedral with a breathtaking interior. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of it because I was so distracted by its beauty. There was a strange rope structure on the inside that you could write a prayer on a paper and tie it to the rope.

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Then we bought McDonalds. Classic.

Then after taking the longest way possible, we ended up at a small square that was pretty empty. There were only a couple of other people in the square but every building in this square was beautiful. We didn’t know where we were or what the buildings were, but we didn’t care all that much. We then arrived at the main shopping street with designer shops and a chocolate shop called “Demel”. On the Demel sign, it says “K.U.K” and that means that this shop was approved by the king, which is kind of a big deal.

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From this street, you could see a large building… so we obviously walked to it. This building, The Hofburg Palace was huge and extremely intricate.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.41.07 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.42.30 PMWe walked through and were greeted by a large open space surrounded with some of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. I was in absolute heaven here and this was were I fell in love with Vienna. We were given time to explore by ourselves and weirdly, we seemed to be the only people who stayed in this area.

Their loss.

The walk ways were lined with trees and everywhere you turned there was something different that was picture worthy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.47.59 PMWe came upon a little garden area that led to the place where Queen Elizabeth (of Vienna) was buried and then walked less than a minute to a white building with pillars where a girl was having a photo shoot.Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.45.25 PM We realized there was music playing so we went to check it out and to our shock…. there was live street musicians…. wearing horse head masks. Yes, horse heads. The video for some reason will not load, but I will put it on Facebook, so if you are interested, just wait.

From afar you could see the The Rathaus, the town hall of Vienna so we walked to go see it and were pleasantly surprised. When we crossed the street we saw ice skating!!! Imagine my happiness! Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 7.45.45 PM

These ice rinks weren’t just normal though, there was some that were more like ice paths and some were just average. We were all so excited and wanted to go ice skating until we saw the sky bar. It goes up and rotates as it rises and gives you a 360 degree view of the city for 7 minutes and it was only 7 EURO. We got in the long long long line and waited not so patiently for our turn. And, man was it worth the wait.

Not only was the view spectacular…. but we just happened to be on it and at the top for the sunset which was…. wow.

I am still speechless honestly. The video will be at the end of this post!


We then went and got Wiener-schnitzel (pretty much just fried pork) and friends before going back to our hostel and getting ready for the night.

At night, we went to what they call “The Bermuda Triangle”, which is just an area of bars that everyone goes to. The rest of the night was pretty mediocre. I think if we had more time to spend there, we would have had a better time with the night life because we didn’t really know what bars and clubs to go to. Oh well!


Overall, Vienna was the most amazing city I’ve been to. I would go back in a heart beat and I would recommend that if you EVER get the chance to visit, jump on it.


Thank you for reading!


Ciao! Fino alla prossima volta,



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