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Spring Break (Part 1/3) LONDON

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After struggling to study for the three mid-terms I had on Wednesday and the one on Thursday morning and after walking out surprisingly confident from those exams I quickly packed my bags (because I was stupid enough not to pack my bags the night before). I made my way to the Santa Maria Novella train station to board a bus to Pisa, Italy where I THEN hopped on a RyanAir plane that was on route to London! I’d heard horror stories about RyanAir but have to say, was pleasantly surprised— maybe because I was lucky enough to get the entire back row to myself.

After a quick hour and a half flight, we landed in London. Little did we know it was going to take us forever to actually get into London because we had to wait in customs and then wait for our bus from the airport. Once we actually got into London, we realized that we were on the complete opposite side of London than we wanted to be so had to get on the tube and take a 40 minute ride to the other side. BUT FIRST, FOOD. We stopped into a Tesco and since London is expensive, got grapes for dinner. It sounds bad but these grapes were so amazing tasting and they actually filled us up pretty well. Dinner for 2 pounds, I’ll take it.

Our hostel was called “Saint Christophers Inn” and it had a bar below it which was pretty cool. The first night it was just me, Zach and Elizabeth so we had to get a hostel room with some random people until the rest of our friends got in and that was…. interesting to say the least. We didn’t get to our hostel until 12:30 am and when we walked in and people were in bed with the lights off so we had to get settled in by using our phone flashlights. Later in the night, one of the guys randomly said “I thought this was supposed to be an all guys dorm?”—-no.—-“I’m just going to say, I think it’s a little weird”—-ok.—

The next day we got to move into a new room with the rest of our friends and one random girl who just moved to London from Australia for work and is staying in the hostel until she can find an apartment.

Our first day in London we went and saw the classic tourist sights. We went and saw the London Bridge first which….. is an utter disappointment. If you think the London Bridge is this….

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You’re wrong

because the actual London Bridge is literally just a normal bridge, so NORMAL that I didn’t even take a picture of it. This pretty bridge is actually called the Tower Bridge and that one is obviously very beautiful. We walked along the Thames river for a while and came to this outdoor street food market and got fish and chips right outside of it. We continued walking and decided to cross the river to go see Saint Paul’s Cathedral. This building was huge and very very beautiful and was in a very cool area. After almost getting hit by a double decker, we wanted to make our way to see the London Eye, the Parliament building and Big Ben but I ran into a little issue….


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Back story: I bought these new shoes in Florence before I left and they are a little tight but they are leather so they would stretch out a bit but I am an idiot and decided to wear them for the second time while sight seeing a HUGE city and saying I was in pain would be an understatement. I have never had my feet hurting so badly so I now have ENORMOUS blisters on the back of my heels and it’s awful.

The next day we went this part of London called “Camden Town” and explored. Camden was probably my favorite part. The street was full of little shops and the buildings had a lot of 3D art on them. The streets were so colorful, interesting and like nothing I have ever seen before. We strolled along those streets and came to a street food market called “Camden Lock” which was FULL of food from around the world and some little jewelry and random shops. Unfortunately, we had to leave and go retrieve our tickets for the London Eye BUT first we saw this street performer who was failing miserably at getting an audience. This man was literally begging for people to come watch him and Zach and I felt SO uncomfortable but people started coming by and he began his act. Long story short, I am now in love with this man. He was HYSTERICAL and if I had money to spare, I would have gave him some of it but alas I am broke.

The London Eye was really cool because we got to see an overview of the entire city, which made use realize that we had to make our way over to the Buckingham Palace so we did just that once we got off. After that, we were exhausted so we went back to the hostel to rest.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.52.31 PM(My picture wont load of the Buckingham palace but I will try to post it later)

Then the last day, we decided to go back over to Camden because we wanted to show the rest of our friends it and they loved it, like we knew they would. This time we walked past the street food to another part that had some weird stores. We went into one that felt like a night club/a store that Miley Cyrus would own. All the stuff in it was so weird and glowing and there was dancers and I can’t even describe how crazy it was. I also can’t show you because videos and pictures are not allowed in the store.

The next morning at 3am we made our way to the bus that took us to the airport to make our way to AMSTERDAM.

London far surpassed my expectations. London reminded me a lot of a city back home but of course, with british accents:). I would go as far to see that I could see myself living in London in the future (if it wasn’t so damn expensive of course).

Stay tuned for my post on Part 2 of 3 of Spring Break.


Fino alla prossima volta,


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