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We all do it, every year when the clock strikes midnight and it becomes January 1st, we make resolutions. Whether you write these down or just think them in your head, a part of you is convinced that since it is a new year, you will follow up with these all year round.


But we don’t.


Maybe it is just me but I know that I ALWAYS make resolutions and follow up with them for a week or two after but then get lazy.

Personally, this year I believe I have grown up a lot in more ways than one. Part of that being that I have definitely learned the concept of self-motivation. On the daily, I am striving to better myself professionally and socially. I have learned a lot about the people I care to surround myself with, what I want out of life and how hard I am going to have to work. That being said, this year I plan to make some resolutions or goals that are both realistic and will be a positive addition to my life.

I think the key to writing down resolutions is to make them realistic and the way to do that is to write down how you are going to work towards this. I also wanted to make them pretty specific because in the past I have done resolutions like “Be happy” and while I am always striving for that, I feel like it is too broad and it is better to work on little aspects that will add to my happiness.

  1. Consistantly put up a blog post every week (at least)

-I love posting, but I think other people don’t realize how much work

and time goes into a single post. I know that is no excuse but it is

what I am going with.

           How I am going to achieve this:

-Have a set posting schedule

-Use my planner to plan out days to edit

-Have a constant list of post ideas

-Pre-make posts for weeks I know I will be busy

           Working on this resolution will:

-increase my love for blogging

-decrease my stress of not having posted in a while

-gain more consistent readers

-improve my writing skills


2. Learn to ever so slightly “like” running

-Cardio is something that I always just… don’t do. I hate it. When I was

originally writing this I put “work out 5 days a week” but I had to be

realistic because I am going to Italy for 4 months and I just KNOW

that will not happen so instead I decided to go with running. I always

feel AMAZING after I run and that always in turn makes me crave

healthier food. I am going to try so hard to run while in Italy because

I know the beauty of Florence will distract me and it will

allow me to explore the city even more.

           How I am going to achieve this:

-make myself run at least 2x a week (increase with time): doesn’t sound like

much but I want to be realistic.

-don’t pay attention to directions, just run. Get lost in Florence.

-make a great running playlist

-figure out a way to remind myself every day to go for a run


            Working on this resolution will:

-obviously get me in shape

-make me feel better

-in turn, make me eat healthier

-improve mood

I know only two resolutions may sound lame but I didn’t want to add things like “don’t let people get to you” and “see the beauty in little things” to it because those are things that I am constantly working on and improving with so it is not specific to this one year. I wanted to keep my resolutions specific. Obviously, there are more things that I will be working on over the year but these are two that I definitely want to focus on. Both of these are things that I believe will lead to bigger and better things in the future so I am very excited to get started with them.

If you have any resolutions or goals for 2015 comment down below (sure, anonymously), I would love to read them.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this:)

Until next time,


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