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Maybe I am just putting off studying…. but I hereby bring you…. a rant. So, buckle up because I honestly have no idea where this is going to end up.
I am writing this on Sunday night and I can say with complete honesty that I am so excited for this week to start. I can not even put into words how terrible this past week has been. I don’t think I have had that bad of a week in so so so long. I’m not trying to get your pity, I’m just getting this all off of my chest.
Inconsiderate people just make me mad.
I know I am not perfect but I really just don’t understand what goes through some peoples heads. Why do people think it’s okay to completely tear someone down, never mind someone that cares so much for you. How can someone just be completely blind to how others are going to react to your actions? 
Truth is,
some things just aren’t meant to be. You can’t force something that will never be there. You can’t make someone be part of your life because if they wanted to… they would move mountains to be there for you. No matter if it is a relationship or just a friend… sometimes it’s just not meant to be which is honestly not the best feeling. It stinks to think that someone you were so close to or had such strong feelings for, could just be another story.
People are going to be mean.
People are also going to be really lovely.
Yeah, this past week wasn’t the best and everything that happened still kind of hurts but it’s a new week. I had a pretty good weekend and I am determined to make this week even better. I am going to wake up tomorrow and listen to super happy music while getting ready and I am going to push last week to the back of my mind and see where this week takes me.
I have a family that loves me unconditionally.
I have amazing friends both old and new.
I love school– socially and yes… academically.
It is the most beautiful time of the year.
&…..I have a frozen pizza in the freezer…….
It’s okay to be upset about things—we’re only human.
Just don’t let it ruin you.
Well, I really need to go study for Marketing now.
Wish me luck.
Until next time,
The Brooke Book

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