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A while ago I applied to an internship that I honestly thought I would never get. I ended up being a finalist which resulted in a Skype interview (SO frightening). 
Long story short, I didn’t get the job. 

Well… at least that is what I thought.
Tuesday night at about 7pm I got a call offering me the internship.
Saying I was shocked is a completely understatement.
Deciding whether or not to take the internship was a HUGE roller coaster ride for me. 
Many of you may know that I had just recently accepted a job a Sephora and I am absolutely in love with it. I am only a cashier and still I loved it more than I have any other job. So, you can imagine how heart breaking it was to learn that I could not transfer to the Sephora closer to the internship. After many tears and many mental pro and con lists….
I am officially a High Performance Intern with USA Volleyball out in Colorado Springs, CO. 
In order to take this internship, I had to quit Sephora which was so sad.
It was so hard for me because my ultimate dream is to get into marketing for the beauty industry. Giving up Sephora was giving up beauty industry experience and giving up the internship was giving up marketing experience. The way I decided was that this internship opportunity may never present itself again whereas I can get beauty industry experience at other stores and at different times. 
I am not a marketing major but I want to do marketing. Getting an internship where I will be using marketing skills is VERY difficult to come by because a lot of companies want marketing majors. 
Also, I love to travel.
Aren’t you scared?
Nahh I’m totally not scared to move half way across the country by myself for the summer…
Every bone in my body is scared but you have to take chances.
Now is the time to do these things.
I accepted the job last night, May 30th.
I am flying out to Colorado next saturday, June 7th.
I am going to be gone for my birthday.
I am going to miss my family vacation.
I am going to miss the Backstreet Boys and Avril Lavigne concert with my best friends.
I’m going to gain SO much.
I am so honored to be chosen for this internship and cannot wait to begin.
And maybe I’ll see my boy Matty A;)
Oh and I was just informed the Air Force Academy is in Colorado Springs.
Yay boys.

I was considering making a separate blog for my summer in Colorado, but instead I think I am just going to make a separate category for it. This post is under updates and as you can see there is a beauty section, a fashion section etc etc and soon there will be a Colorado one!

So yeah, that’s my life currently!

Until next time,


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