Ew, Coconuts.

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I HATE Coconuts.
I hate the smell, I hate the taste, I just do not like coconut. 
So, when Coconut oil started becoming a thing… I was a little hesitant but obviously I bought some anyways.
 The coconut oil I am using is the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (cold pressed & unrefined) from Trader Joe’s. This coconut oil was only about $6.00 for 16 fluid ounces.
Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid which provides body with the healthy fats that the body needs making it good for cooking and beauty uses.
To learn more about the beauty uses of Coconut oil… expand!
1. Mmmm Moisturizer…

I know a couple of people who swear by Coconut oil as a facial and body moisturizer. Not only does it leave your skin feeling smooth but it also works as a natural sun protectant as it sheilds 20% of ultraviolet exposure. 
~Disclaimer~ everyone’s skin is different. Test this out on a small patch of skin before applying it all over your face to see how it works with your skin. 
Personally… I find applying a small amount of it to my face feels fantastic as I have very dry skin that is not acne prone.
Eye cream: Just like I said before, this may not agree with everyone’s skin but it does work for a lot of people so why not try it out?! Avoid pricey eye creams and apply the oil at night under your eyes to moisturize and wake up with baby bottom soft skin to help prevent wrinkles and under eye circles. 
2. Eye makeup remover…
I think we can all agree that makeup is cool and all but it’s so annoying how fast we go through makeup remover wipes and it’s not like they are dirt cheap… they definitely add up. Because Coconut oil is gentle, you can very well go and put some on a cotton round and remove all your eye makeup… I have tried it and it does work fantastically. I personally choose not to do that on a daily basis because I have very sensitive eyes so I find that I like using it on a Q-Tip to remove the stubborn makeup smudges that are tough to get underneath the lower lash line. It is great for when you wake up in the morning realizing you didn’t completely get all of your mascara off last night and now have black underneath your eyes because you don’t have to waste a whole makeup wipe for such a minuscule smudge.
3. Hair!Hair!Hair!
We all want our hair to look good…so…
Mask: Apply a generous amount to hair (if you are prone to greasy hair, avoid applying anywhere near your roots), let sit for a generous amount of time and wash out with a good clarifying shampoo.
Leave-in Conditioner: If you shower at night, apply a small amount of gently melted oil to ends of damp hair and wake up in the morning with soft and shiny hair.
Be careful with this, start off with applying a very small amount and add with time as you feel necessary. It is never fun to wake up with greasy hair.
You can always add more the next time.
Anti-frizz Serum: Before styling hair, take a very small amount (how much you would use if applying a store bought shine serum), rub between hands and then run fingers through the bottoms of your hair (avoiding roots) to add shine and prevent frizz.
4. Sexy legs…
With summer finally here, we all want smooth, touchable, sun-kissed legs. While the oil will in no way make it look like you were laying at the beach all day, it will help with the smooth and touchable part!
Apply like normal shaving cream and use like normal shaving cream… simple as that.
The razor glides right over your legs without cutting yourself or getting those annoying razor bumps. The oil does bead on legs after showering sort of like what happens when you wash an apple so you just have to make it a point to rub it in after you get out of the shower. And because Coconut Oil acts as a moisturizer, you can kill two birds with one stone and skip moisturizing which is perfect for the people like me who are too lazy to moisturize after the shower and would rather lay around in their towel for hours (just being honest).
BUT be careful… it makes the shower floor quite slippery.
5. Them brows…
It is no secret that eyebrows are a big thing for the beauty community, so we have to care for them. In the unfortunate case of over-plucking of maybe you just naturally have sparse hair on your eyebrows, just apply the oil with a Q-Tip at night to aid in growth of eyebrow hair.
The bane of my existence in the summer time? Mosquitos. It’s a love-hate relationship and by that I mean they love me and I HATE them. To help bug bites heal faster and stop them from itching so damn much just dab on a bit of coconut oil.
My final verdict
-Coconuts are still gross, but the oil is not. The smell does not linger and it’s just too awesome to pass up.
-There is so many ways to save money instead of buying products on products on products.
-This was a long post.
-While doing research I stumbled upon www.fashionista.com and I am obsessed.
Check it out please. It’s amazing.
There is MANY other uses for this magical stuff but these are the beauty ones that I found that 1. seemed most helpful and 2. worked for me or people I know.
Below are links to some pages with more beauty, lifestyle and culinary uses:
Comment down below if you know of any other good beauty uses of Coconut Oil or have tried any of these out yourself!
Thank you for reading!
Until next time,
Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.
                      -Anne Frank


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