How to: Deep clean makeup brushes!

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Whether you have a bunch of makeup brushes or just a couple, this is something you are going to want to read. As much as it does suck, cleaning your makeup brushes needs to be something you add to your routine.
Why you ask?
Well, when you use a brush you are getting bacteria, chemicals and dirt from your face onto the brush. If you do not clean your brushes frequently (especially face brushes!) then you are just taking that bacteria from other uses and reapplying it to your face which can clog pores and cause breakouts. Washing brushes is crucial when it comes to shadow brushes as well. When you apply a shadow with a brush, some of the pigment stays in the brush. The next time you go to use the brush with a different color, some of the pigments from the previous uses are going to mix with the new shade and change the color. This also makes a big difference when it comes to the beloved blending brush… clean that baby like no other… believe me you will see a difference. 
I believe the reason no one cleans their brushes is because 
1. It never occured to them
2. Don’t know how
Let’s change that…

Ideally, you should be deep cleaning your brushes once a week but ain’t nobody got time for that… so I just do it whenever I have a little free time because they will take some time to dry. In between deep cleans it is crucial to use a daily spot cleanser (I try and use a daily cleaner every couple days because I really cannot do it everyday). Daily spot cleansers can be found at the drugstore or sephora. I have been trying out Elf’s brush cleanser because it’s cheap and I think it works just as well as the others I’ve tried!

What you’ll need:
Brushes (I will link the brushes I use down below)
Baby shampoo

1. Begin by wetting the bristles of the brush.

  • Make sure not to get water past the ferrule of the brush. This is what holds it all together and by getting water in that it may ruin the brush over time.
2. Pour about a dime sized amount of baby shampoo into the palm of your hand.
3. If the brush is dome shaped like the photo above, massage it through the baby shampoo in circular motions. If it is a shader brush do back and forth motions in order to keep the form of the bristles. 
4. You will see color extract from the bristles, continue these steps until no color comes out.
5. Run the bristles under water again and squeeze out remaining shampoo and makeup.
6. Massage the bristles into a clean washcloth to remove any excess moisture.
7. Reshape bristles to original shape.
8. If you have brush guards, put those around the bristles and stand upside down in a glass. If you do not have brush guards place them bristle down in a glass or lay them on their sides on a washcloth.
  • Important! Do not go back to storing them bristle side up immediately after washing because the left over water will run down into the ferrule.
This may sound excessive but I promise you will see a huge different in makeup application.

My favorite brushes:

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