Things to do when you’re feeling down..

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Things to do on a day you’re feeling down:

-Wake up early and go for a run… no matter how much you hate running, I promise you will feel good after.
-Make yourself a fancy, big and healthy breakfast.
-Take a long hot shower.
-Take time to take care of yourself.
-Listen to your favorite music really loud.
Dance like a fool.
-No matter what you’re doing later that day get dressed and put yourself together.
Smile at strangers.
-Do a good deed… you could be changing some ones bad day into a good one.
-Go for a long walk, alone, without music.
-Go to lunch with your best friend.
-Write down all your blessings.
-Go shoppingand splurge on something you’ve wanted for so long.
-Play with a puppy.
Jump in a puddle.
-Do something spontaneous.
-Act childish.
Scream really loud.
Vent to someone you can trust.
-Cry if you need to but then wipe it off and be the bad ass bitch I know you are.
-Sit down with your family and take a walk down memory lane.
-Tell your family members you love them.
Drive and think.
-Eat that donutbecause we both know you’ll be thinking about it the rest of the day.
-Be confident.
-Learn something new.
-Go up and talk to that cute guy at the gym… why the hell not?
-Take a bubble bath.
-Get in you’re comfiest sweatpants, comfiest sweatshirt and some fuzzy socks.
-Put on a face mask.
Burn a candle.
Turn off your phone
-Eat your favorite dessert and lay in bed watching Gossip Girl… or another show but come on…GOSSIP GIRL.
Lay in bed and remember how lucky you are.
-Get a good night sleep and wake up and make tomorrow just as good, if not better than today.
“Make it a good day or not… the choice is yours.” -My high school principle
Fun fact: When I looked this quote up to see who it was originally by, I found alot of blogs quoting their high school principle with this exact quote… and I thought mine was original!
*Feel free to add your own to this! These are just some that popped into my head.

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