10 Beauty Uses of Vaseline

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Vaseline is definitely an under-rated product these days. 
EDUCATION is key… Vaseline Education? Whatever you want to call it,
 below I have some little tips and tricks in the world of Vaseline.

 Now, Let’s keep in mind that I paid $3.95 for 1 Jar of Vaseline…
1. Un-chap those lips: It may not taste all that good but it honestly works 
magic. Apply to  your nasty lips during the day or before bed and wake up 
with soft, kissable lips.
-Also, take it a step further and apply a coat, 
wait about 30 seconds and then take a toothbrush and scrub your lips. 
INSTEAD OF: Lush’s Lip Scrub $9.95
2. Mix Vaseline and Epsom salt to preferred consistency to 
make your own body scrub rather than buying one from the store with 
unknown ingredients.
3. A coat of vaseline on your eye lashes before bed every night 
will aid in the length and thickness of lashes overtime. 
So, for those of you with barely any visible lashes like me, 
this is heaven sent.
INSTEAD OF: Lash growth serums that can get up to $99!… excuse me?
4. Makeup Remover: Makeup smudged under eyes? Vaseline and 
a Q-Tip and you’re good to go!
5. Highlighter: Use a very small amount of Vaseline on the top of 
your cheek bones, cupids bow and any other places you like to 
highlight to achieve a very “this is my natural glow” look.
INSTEAD OF: Mac’s Mineralize skin finish in Soft and Gentle $30
or Benefit’s High Beam $26
6. Turn eye shadows or blushes to cream with a bit of Vaseline!
*Experiment of inexpensive products or old products first*
7. Give your skin some moisture!
For your hands and feet: apply a generous amount before bedtime 
and put on clean cotton socks or gloves and it will work wonders!
(One of my personal favorites)
8. Smell decent longer: Put a bit of Vaseline on your sweet spots. 
Spraying your perfume over it helps to hold the scent longer.
9. Avoid getting nail polish on your cuticle during a self-manicure
 by putting some Vaseline on the area before you start and
 removing it when finished.
Talk about helpful when you are doing your non-dominant hand!
10. Get lipstick stains out of clothing by applying a small amount 
to the spot before throwing it in the wash!


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